Am I bad at dating or just bad in bed?

So, I just got a text from – I shit you not – Mr. No Name, yes, the guy who I called obnoxiously persistent two years ago, which was two years after we first met. It wasn’t totally out of the blue, he’s been texting me for a few months, he met my dad at some networking event and saw that as a way back in, but hasn’t really asked me out or anything.

To figure out just how long this dude has been hanging around, I found this blog. Yes, I actually had to search because I didn’t even remember the name, then I had to try about 15 username/password combos to get in.

FOUR YEARS. And that’s just since No Name. He was kind of in the middle of my dating renaissance – my ADULT dating life if you will.

I read through some old posts, laughed at the guys I’ve dated, laughed at myself (damn I’m funny) and then realized, holy hell, HOW have I possibly been doing this for this long?! How bad AM I at dating? Apparently two-and-a-half years ago, I had a similar WTF moment.

I saw this PostSecret the other day:

18-afraid (1)

I hadn’t really considered that, but now I am too, thanks a lot.

Obviously Buzz and I found stuff to fight about and broke up. That was about six months ago. I was the one who instigated it and I knew the relationship was over, had dealt with it even before we officially broke up and he moved out (yeah that part was not fun), but I haven’t really dated since then. Haven’t gone back online, haven’t gone on any manhunts, haven’t worried if men were checking me out and thinking I was cute. I would say I haven’t really even checked for wedding rings upon meeting men, but come on, that’s like second nature.

I HAVE gotten back to running and yoga and the gym, which I love. I started reading again. I traveled and spent time with my family and friends. I also dreamed of moving away. I think that was a big part of why I wasn’t interested in dating. I didn’t want to meet anyone in Arizona because I didn’t see myself staying here long term. And now I’m not. I’m moving in a week and plan on dating a fair amount. I wish I were more in practice. I’m not sure if this is the rebirth of this blog or if I’ll start a new single in the city type of blog or if I’ll keep my amazing dating stories all to myself (yeah right).

I guess what I’m saying is hey, universe, I’m ready.

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