101 in 1001

On June 25, 2010, I started my Day Zero list.  It is filled with 101 things that I am so excited about!

1. Travel out of the country

2. Complete a triathlon

3. Complete a half-marathon

4. Become certified personal trainer

5. Visit a major U.S. metro

6. Write a novel

7. Volunteer

8. Adopt a pet

9. Go skinny dipping

10. Get my fortune told

11. Visit a new beach

12. Host a dinner party

13. Go on a road trip

14. Complete the Complaint Free World Challenge

15. Have sex in a public place

16. Pay for my own phone

17. Run an 8-minute mile

18. Take a beautiful photograph and hang it on my wall

19. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

20. Get a spin bike (or an indoor trainer)

21. Have a picnic

22. Get a facial

23. Get a Brazilian wax

24. Hike to a waterfall

25. Perfect 5 recipes (Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken Valentino, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Turkey Mini Loaves, Zucchini Bread)

26. Unplug for a week

27. Go ice skating

28. Make sushi

29. Ask the server (or chef or any stranger) to order for me

30. Cook for my parents

31. Sing karaoke

32. Spend an entire day buzzed

33. Spend a day inside watching the snow or rain

34. Enjoy a monsoon from the porch

35. Help someone achieve their weight loss goal

36. Savor an expensive bottle of wine

37. Do not text while driving

38. Plan a great bachelorette party/wedding shower/pre-wedding day for Danielle

39. Get a bike and use it to run errands

40. Go to a concert

41. DON’T dye my hair

42. Visit a new state

43. Go wine tasting in Arizona

44. Find a job I love

45. Roll over my 401(K)

46. Contribute to my retirement fund

47. Build an eight-month emergency fund (Call it good!)

48. Share a magical NYE midnight kiss

49. Throw a party

50. Make a new, good friend

51. Pay for the person behind me

52. Learn to surf (maybe SUP)

53. Get a dress that makes me feel absolutely beautiful and wear it every chance I get

54. Go to a professional sporting event

55. Crochet a baby blanket (if nobody has a baby, donate it!)

56. Make sangria

57. Do something educational on vacation

58. Take a pole dancing class

59. Spend a night watching the sky (preferably somewhere where I can actually see the stars)

60. Eat ice cream in Wickenburg

61. Try a steak (even if it’s just a bite)

62. Get sexy shoes that make me happy

63. Donate blood

64. Get patio furniture and enjoy Arizona’s mostly beautiful weather

65. Use all my gift cards

66. Make a photo album of pictures taken during the 1001 days

67. Go to a movie in a park

68. Decorate my home

69. Go to a gay bar

70. Enjoy a milkshake/margarita/something refreshing but indulgent on a hot summer day

71. Build a new lingerie wardrobe

72. Go to a festival and enjoy festival food

73. Go to a shooting range with my family

74. Kiss in the rain

75. Go to a zoo

76. Take a solo vacation

77. Have a bonfire and toast marshmallows for smores

78. Have a game night

79. Make bread pudding

80. Have a girls’ day, night or weekend with my mom and sis

81. Go to the driving range with Dad

82. Create a writing space

83. Dance all night

84. Vlog

85. Eat at Pizzeria Bianco

86. Pay off debt (except student loans)

87. Overpay on student loans

88. Influence a person to make a Day Zero list

89. Go to Disneyland

90. Throw myself a birthday party

91. Write a stand-up act

92. Visit a national park

93. Send a care package to armed forces overseas

94. Play hooky

95. Have cocktails at a swanky hotel lounge

96. Celebrate with Champagne

97. Learn conversational Spanish

98. Be a tourist in my hometown for a weekend

99. Start a new tradition

100. Attend an event at a bookstore

101. Enjoy all four seasons

102. Repeat

18 thoughts on “101 in 1001

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  9. I absolutely love this (and want to also do a whole lot of the things on your list)- I hope you don’t mind, but I feel like I need to steal this idea and have my own checklist on my blog. If you do mind, let me know!

    • Heck no! Check out #88! I told someone about the list before and he said he was going to do one, but never got to 101 and probably gave up on it! I’m sure you’ll keep at it! Good luck!

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