No Points for Persistence

Here’s the thing…men who repeatedly ask you out can fall into two categories – awesome or annoying. I’m sorry that was mean. We’ll call it persistent. That’s a nice way to say annoying, right?

The only difference is if you like them and you hear from them and you go out, it’s awesome. If you don’t like them, aren’t into it, aren’t attracted, are distracted by some other shiny object and they are just not picking up what you’re dropping down, they’re “persistent” or annoying.

And then you start to feel a little bad for them that they’re so oblivious and maybe a little pathetic and you start to wonder if maybe you should give them a chance, that maybe there’s something you’re missing and when the guy you actually like isn’t following up with you, it’s nice to have someone to remind you that you’re not totally unfortunate.

I have three of these men in my life right now. Well, had. By the end of the post, you’ll see it’s actually down to two.

1. Mr. Grocery Store will not go away. I’ve ignored him AND flat out told him that I’m not interested and he keeps at it. And yes, it’s my fault for allowing him to and for responding, but I actually did enjoy him about 80% of the time, so another date wouldn’t be terrible, although I mark him as persistent because the relationship is definitely past its expiration date because it’s not moving any farther.

2. The baby manager I worked with a few years ago for some reason has set his eyes on me across social media and decided we need to go out. He’s a short 22-year-old ginger, so you can understand my hesitation. We’ve never been out, but in the spirit of saying yes and dating a bunch, I caved and we’re going out tonight.

3. Mr. No Name/No Personality who I met TWO YEARS AGO on Plenty of Fish also will not go away. It’s a twisty, complicated story of him being annoying and too cool and too busy but still apparently wanting to hang out. But his (non)personality is grating and two years have not been kind to him, so although I was kind of like, “yeah okay, we’ll hang out sometime,” a few days ago this finally had to happen:

He actually still persisted, as if that’s surprising, but a few more blunt statements from me and a final ignore I guess have solidified my stance on the situation and he’s given it up. For now.

What do you do with persistent men? I’m pretty sure I have to stop being so damn nice (previous text message screen not included).

2 thoughts on “No Points for Persistence

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