Far From Fighting Fair (Or At All)

I told Buzz recently about an epic fight I had with an ex many years ago because we went to the restaurant where it all went down. I actually don’t remember many of the details, just that this guy BLEW up in this very public venue because I questioned his use of a word that wasn’t really a word. I think the story is hilarious because it’s just so ridiculous. Buzz couldn’t wrap his head around it, nor should he be able to, it just is so nonsensical!

I am pretty even-keeled, but have some pretty good fight stories, most of which, I think in hindsight are funny because it’s a flashing sign that these men were totally wrong for me. Buzz has had some pretty great (read: ridiculous) fights with wrong-for-him-if-I-do-say-so-myself girlfriends too.

He’s also pretty calm, so when we added our personalities + being a little crazy for each other + our open communication, we started wondering WHAT it was that we WERE going to fight about, first or ever. I can’t imagine getting that mad at him or him getting that mad at me…have I mentioned it’s going amazingly well so far?

I know there are issues that can polarize any couple and that because your partner knows you best, he or she also knows best how to push your buttons, so while it may seem morbid to try to guess what we’ll fight over, I think it’s just realistic and healthy.

I relayed the convo to my celebrating-his-20th-anniversary-this-year boss the next day when he asked how things were going and he thought it was hilarious that I didn’t know what couples fought about. And he offered to make a list. Oh, cranky married people.

Time will tell what Buzz and I will get feisty about first, but I’m pretty sure the make up sex will be fantastic!

What is the most ridiculous fight you’ve had with a significant other? When was the first fight you had with your current partner and what was it about?

One thought on “Far From Fighting Fair (Or At All)

  1. My boyfriend and I never fight.. and my ex and I… epic fighters. Like he broke up with me once for refusing to go home with him at the gym because he had a hard time finding a locker.

    When I met my current boyfriend last summer (we now live together – we moved in together exactly 6 months after our first sleepover) I thought the same thing, how would I ever fight with this amazing person, I seriously could not get mad at him. Well fast forward to over 8 months together, 2 months of living together and it’s still the same. We’ve never been in a fight. Now it’s still not in the honeymoon rose-coloured glasses phase, he does annoy me, and I have been mad or disappointed at him, but we just talk about it and apologize. Whereas with my ex I would explain why I was upset and I would get in trouble for being legitimately upset at him, and somehow me being mad at him for something turned into him being mad at me for being mad.

    Now my life is peaceful… and this is the way it should be. There will be fights in our future, but the thing is… our foundation is peace and stability – and if there is a major rift that causes a fight I know we will be able to communicate ourselves out of it. Fights and disagreements happen – but I think the key to successful couples is catching the little ones before they turn into anything and communicating respectfully through the big ones.

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