Stop the texting madness!

I changed my number over the summer, which is nice because now a good number of men from my past can’t passively, randomly text me when they’re feeling lonely – I do feel bad for whoever got my old number though (I’ve had three people contact me through Facebook, Twitter and WWF to tell me they attempted to reach me at that number and got a “I don’t know you, stop texting me” message…and those are just the ones I’ve heard from)!

However, now that I’m online dating again, I feel like I might recreate that problem all over again, so I’m trying to not give out my number too much because I don’t want to endlessly text men I don’t know – which is what a lot of them seem to want to do!

How do you stop this?! This is what I mean by lonely, not like his penis is lonely, but like when he needs someone to chat over text with or something.

I actually met a man organically over the weekend – I was going to do a separate post, but I’ll just spill –

I was just talking with some girlfriends earlier in the weekend (including a new reader…hi, new reader!) about how to meet men and I said that guys don’t talk to me in public, which is true, I’m just unapproachable..I blame the chronic bitch face, but on Sunday I was kind of on the prowl. Straight hair (left over from a party the night before), a low-cut top, short shorts and tall wedges to hang out at not one, but TWO Starbucks and then the grocery store?! Yeah…so maybe my vibe was more welcoming than it usually is. This guy at the grocery store – so cliché! – teased me a little about how long I took to pick packaged salad and then made another comment…he was clearly just trying to talk to me, but I checked his hand and saw a ring, so kinda just walked away, but then as I wandered around, I wondered if I had misjudged what hand it was on and was going to find him and go with “sorry, I thought your ring was on your left hand, you can continue to hit on me” but we ran into each other again in the cheese/beer aisle and he struck up a convo on his own and I verified the ring was on the right hand and we chatted it up –

and he seemed normal, confident…asked me out and I thought we could be done with it until our date where we could get to know each other better, but he got home and started texting me, which is okay so then I have HIS number, but I didn’t need to text all evening or know what he was putting on his pizza. So, seriously, how do you stop this? I don’t want to be rude or have these guys think I’m not interested…although if they are the kind of people who endlessly text random info to strangers, perhaps I’m not interested!

[Today, he texted me a hey what’s up, but I kept it short, then just a bit ago, I got a “just finished a work out, my legs are so tired.” Not only do I not care, but it requires no response, so that’s what he got.]

Why don’t these men know to quit when they’re ahead?! Texting is totally killing romance and the excitement of meeting and getting to know someone new. I’m over it, but REALLY, how do you stop this?!

Also…since my hair was straight when we met, do I have to keep up the farce or just expose myself as a curly girl and get it out of the way?!


5 thoughts on “Stop the texting madness!

  1. Okay so the going out in public (and showering before hand) thing can actually work…interesting 🙂
    Yes endless texting is annoying – But it’s almost better than the phone call that will never end! And no, you do not keep up the straight hair routine!

  2. Hahaha. I totally know what you mean. I started online dating, and every one of them is like can I have your number or facebook — I’m sorry my facebook??? Anyways, I am a texter, but I still don’t need to know what someone is doing every second as I’m trying not to become that girl as well. Then you have those guys who ask every question imaginable and are disappointed with the answer if it isn’t detailed out into a thousand words. I have decided I’m done trying to go back and forth– respond when I’m bored or there is actual conversation and leave my phone be when I could care less “almost home!” great… your not almost to my house, taking me out, or anything of the sort.. Why do I care when you get home?

    Great post!

  3. Reblogged this on One in a LA Million and commented:
    Hey, I read this post, and as I’m on my journey of online dating, I thought I’d share since it is pretty true to most of dating (including meeting guys at bars– or in her case grocery stores). Speaking of grocery stores, that is where I’ve always imagined meeting my “guy” because only real men grocery shop. Or married men. Or single dads. Maybe the grocery store isn’t a good place after all.

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