Relationships Urban Legends

Another old boyfriend married.  I feel like I dodged one though because he’s not that cute? I’d post his picture but that would be mean since I just called him not cute, so just agree. And he’s a boy gymnast? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…hi, yum:

But, when you’re 15 and DON’T look like that, it does carry a little stigma. True story: I dated TWO male gymnasts in high school.

Anyway, this recently married one was the first and we “went out” in the 10th grade. According to my memory, that means we kissed on a roof once, his mom drove us to a goofy golfing double date, he touched my leg at lunch and I lied to his ex about dating him because she and I were kinda friends in math class, but then she found out and she wasn’t really all that mad.  So I’m not all that torn up about it and I don’t think it makes me a wife fluffer.

I’ve yet to have an ex marry the one right after me, which is good, I’m not sure I could handle that. I’m losing count, but there are many marriages and babies and even second marriages amongst men from my past.  Oy.

He married my sister’s best friend’s best friend from dance, but I’m still not sure how they met because she didn’t go to our high school and she’s a bit younger.  Just a small world, I guess.

They apparently had a long back and forth relationship and he didn’t always treat her right (via my sis’s friend who didn’t always like this guy for her other friend)…one of those relationship urban legends that single women cling to when they’re not where they want to be in a relationship. 

As in, “it’s okay that he is constantly on his phone when we’re together and when we’re not and I text him he takes four hours to respond because my cousin’s best friend’s hair dresser had a client who dated a guy for three years and he kinda treated her like that, but THEN he married her.”

Probably not the kind of reinforcement I need in my life right now.