What a difference seven months and seven days make.

If you read my last blog, you were treated weekly to stories of my awful, awful job at an awful, awful local resort.  I’m sorry.

It seemed to always be “job searching this” and “crying at work that” and of course, “my managers are all in a neck-and-neck foot race to get to hell first.”

That was then.

I started this blog after my mom and the guy I was dating found the old one a month and a half after starting a new job and haven’t had much to say on the topic since.

One reason may be that I work for a big company, definitely the most “corporate” environment I’ve been in and as much as I like to think I’m anonymousish, I don’t kid myself and realize they (you know, my company’s Big Brother) could find it.

The other reason is that sometimes a blog tends to become a place to vent.  A place to get out all the bad feelings so that the people you know IRL don’t A. get tired of hearing your broken record about how much you hate your job (really? get a new one) or B. think you have some serious mental issues going on. 

Even if it takes a conscious effort, writing about the good stuff is important too.

So, in that spirit, I’ve been having some serious I really like my job moments lately. 

Last week while on the phone with someone at corporate (a beautiful building in a tempting tropical location), he mentioned I was always so bubbly and happy and the response that cam tumbling out of my mouth before I even thought about it was, “what’s to be upset about?  I work in a beautiful office with cool people and we have more fun than you.  Oh, and we wear shorts every day.” 

(This is only partially true as I am the only woman in the office and my shorts are much different from my colleagues’ shorts and entirely inappropriate for the office, but yeah, it’s well known that the AZ office is pretty casual.)

I was surprised to hear myself say that.  I guess because lately I’ve felt bummed about other areas of my life, I didn’t recognize that I AM really happy at work, and thank goodness for that; it has probably helped balance out the rest.

Then there was today, my seven-month-and-one-week-iversary. Shutupitstotallyathing.

Today, I made a silly, inconsequential mistake that had time to be fixed before it wasn’t just a silly little mistake and my boss told me to “try and show up for work” and we both laughed.  Later, I razzed him back and we both laughed again.

I work with people I have things in common with, people I don’t want to avoid at all costs, people who appreciate my contribution and support me.

I have an easy schedule that allows me to work out in the morning and enjoy the afternoons.  I leave on Fridays without a pit in my stomach that grows and grows until Monday morning.  I just enjoy my weekend and come back refreshed with a smile on my face ready to start again.

Perhaps this Pollyanna attitude has something to do with the fact that today (Wednesday) is my Thursday and I have a glorious three-day weekend on the horizon?!

The Turning Point

Reverb 10, Day 24 Everything’s OK.
What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

On a morning in early October, I felt overwhelmingly happy.  I’m not sure what it was specifically about that morning, mostly just everything.  It felt like things were coming together.  Everything I had been worrying about and upset over had been melting away since about August and I felt like everything was going to be okay.

I wrote one of my favorite posts that morning about just how annoyingly happy and thrilled with my life I was.  When I looked back at the date of that post a little later, I realized that on that fateful day, I met that guy.  The one I fell head over heels for. 

It’s so cliché to say that when you focus on yourself, when you’re comfortable with yourself, when you’re sending out good vibes AND of course when you stop looking, what you’ve been looking for finds you.  But, I kinda found out this year that it’s true.

I’m heading into 2011 focusing on myself, my priorities and my goals.  I’m ready to manifest even more happiness in my life and ready for whatever else comes with it.