See ya, eHarmony!

Thanks, eHarmony, for reminding me how much fun it is to be in love EVERY TIME I log into your stupid site that has given me NOTHING.

I love the older couples featured on the site too, but I still think Kate and Justin are my favorite.

Perhaps the key to success on eHarmony is having a name that is some derivative of Katherine.

When I started on this wonderful journey, I thought one month was too short.  I thought three months was a sure thing.  Three months later, I realize I was wrong. 

I spent the last few weeks really trying too, even talking to men not in my area, which originally I was quite opposed to.  Blame it on the lovely tales of long-distance love that are floating around the blogsphere.  No such luck for MJ.  Long-distance or otherwise.

I went on sixish dates with fourish guys.  Three were nice, but there was no connection.  One was not nice, but I did find him probably the most attractive.  Oops. 

Even since him, which is when I gave up on the dating thing, I was still trucking away with my matches, but despite what appearances may suggest, I have NOT been declining dates left and right. It’s just not happening.

So, eH, it’s been real, but I’m totally over you. 

Overall, I didn’t like the structure of the site and the matching.  You don’t get to pick for yourself, which just denies the fact that attraction is actually important because apparently you’re not supposed to say that.  Then you have to exchange canned messages for a week.

What works for some, completely bombs for others, which really just reinforces my belief in destiny and fate and what not.  I believe my sister was destined to meet her guy and they were on the site at the same time and it was a good time in their lives and they fell in love. 

My fate awaits me elsewhere.


From Boy Friend to Boyfriend

I’m certain I’ve read this article many times in many incarnations in the pages of Seventeen, Teen and Cosmo Girl many years ago. I’m sure my current literature of choice – Marie Claire, Cosmo and Glamour – have touched on this topic occasionally as well, although for the most part, they seem to advocate trolling bars/Starbucks/your boss’s office for herpes men.

I’ve always been so enchanted when I’ve been asked out straight away, even more so if it becomes a relationship.  It’s so romantic and serendipitous.  I’m a big fan of fate, but I’m also a big fan of success and so far, this whole destiny thing has not worked out in my favor, so perhaps it’s time to go back to basics. 

And to Barnes & Noble to hide in a corner reading magazines meant for high school freshmen to remember how to do so. 

I’m not even sure that this guy (let’s call him Rebel) counts as a friend, because we don’t hang out.  We used to work together and chatted between running food and fake-smiling at assholes guests. I kinda started flirting with Rebel the moment I met him, but he didn’t try to get in my pants at that same moment – I’ve actually known this respectful man for about three months now with no attempts – so I think that puts him in the friend zone. 

Not the Friend Zone, mind you.  That one’s permanent.  The friend zone, on the other hand, is more of a waiting space, a sorting area, if you will. 

Eventually, Rebel picked up what I was dropping down and started flirting back. He’s the man who sent me flowers – yes, without so much as a precursory date…this one does it right! We’ve been taking turns attempting to make plans even though our schedules hate each other.  I guess the point is that we keep trying. 

We like each other and once we put that out there, our walls kind of came down.  It’s fun to flirt a little and change how we talk to each other, tiptoeing out of the friend zone in a cute and innocent way. And I’m reminded that it is still fate to have someone come into your life and become someone special, regardless of the amount of time it takes to get there.

Eventually we may try the transition thing (although for now, my new attitude about dating is telling me to have fun and take it one step at a time).  For tonight, we’re trying the date thing!