The Matchmaker Date

I can’t even try to pretend to understand my relationship with Lucky, so I don’t expect you to.  We’re all over the place.  Scratch that, he’s all over the place and it’s making me become increasingly all over the place as well.

So, when my matchmaker called me (after something like two months), I felt okay telling her to give my number to two of her clients who she felt were good matches. They both called, one talked WAY too much and didn’t close the deal and the other had a better concept of a first phone call and set up a lunch date for after I got back from a business trip.

I wasn’t feeling it when the day came around (in the moment, I call it nerves, after the fact, I call it intuition) and as the first to arrive, I was closely watching the time, ready to invoke the five-minute rule, but he showed up and stared at me.  That really kind of sums it up.

Since it was a set up, I really had no clue what he looked like, but he walked in and kinda stared and I was like, “are you Creepy McCreeperson?” and there was an awkward moment where I was trying to figure out if he was, in fact, my date.  I think my description of my curly hair was a giveaway for him, so he was sure, but trying to find a 5’10” (yeah right) blond guy was not as easy.

So, CMC and I sat down and he stared some more. We did have a few things in common, but now maybe I realize I come off as a workout freak because that’s kinda how he came off?

Anyway, Ms. Matchmaker, it’s not about both being single, even both looking for someone in a matching age range or both liking to work out, she totally overlooked chemistry, of which we had none.  While he was staring, I felt the need to fill in silences with stupid stuff.  Then he talked about religion, then thankfully, the bill arrived and I got to leave.

I gave the matchmaker my feedback, that there was no real attraction and he was kind of intense and it made me uncomfortable and I got his feedback.  He also didn’t feel like it was a match and thought I was quiet and “new to dating.”  I was kinda offended, but he’s a creeper, so whatever.

So, I fell off in my communication with the matchmaker.  I was supposed to email her my new phone number and I never did, which I’m sure gives her the impression I’m a little flaky, she already knows I’m shy and now thinks I’m “new to dating,” so this might be the end of our not-so-beautiful friendship.

June was a busy month for me and dating wasn’t really a priority, especially when I wasn’t all that impressed with her skills or with the second guy I was potentially going to go out with.  But, either way, one more dating story in the books and one square checked off my bingo card!


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