The Love Dust

As much as I don’t want to admit it, Looney Tunes’s dust seemed to have worked.
THAT AFTERNOON the guy who I added on Facebook to drop the hint that I wanted to go from friends of friends to friends to dating (oh over a year ago), started chatting with me on Facebook and he admitted that when I added him, he didn’t want to assume anything, but kind of wondered, and I admitted that yeah, that was kinda the point. We discussed night hiking and decided that yeah, we should do that and exchanged numbers.
He’s pretty much done shit with it since (he’s as bad as the matchmaker)! He DID FB message me again maybe two weeks later or something with “up for a night hike? lol.”
Here’s the thing. I think he’s a shy, nice guy, but I need a confident man.
I need a phone call and someone who actually follows up to get a date and someone who doesn’t caveat his invite with an lol to protect his pride. I guess I was right in my assumption that he needed a little help, but I can’t do all the work. (OMG, do I sound like those other ladies trying to be set up now?!)
I forget what else happened after I got sprinkled with the love dust, but there was another potential romance that sprung up the weekend after and OH YEAH, Lucky came back the very next day.
To be continued (again)…

One thought on “The Love Dust

  1. Ahh, you’re killing me here. All these cliff hangers…you’re like the best television script writer ever.

    Seriously, I’m still rooting for you to have a happy ending from the Love Dust. That way, when you get married, I can advocate people sprinkling you with love dust as you make your escape. Or you could make love dust favors. It could be a whole theme.

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