My New Dating Coach

I pretty much inhale all things dating and love and whatnot – Millionaire Matchmaker, The Rules According to J-Woww – but my newest dating guru is Dating Coach, April Beyer. She posts video responses to reader emails every Thursday and it makes Thursdays pretty lovely because she always has something lovely and insightful to say.

As an update, I don’t need dating advice per se, but dating and relationships are not mutually exclusive and I think something I learned in all the up and down with Lucky is that maintaining the dating aspect of a relationship is important.  

Easing into a relationship is easy, but keeping it exciting and never taking your significant other for granted are good things!  And let’s be honest, the quick-to-fake-commit-and-wear-yoga-pants-in-front-of-each-other thing hasn’t worked for me so far, so it’s about time I tried to change the ingredients.


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