Overpromise and underdeliver, duh.

I’ve been singing Xtina’s “Beautiful” for the past few months ever since NBC started promoing Smash and FINALLY I’m settling in to watch it. I feel like there’s been so much hype, especially in the past week (this is probably because I watch NBC every morning and they’ve paraded the stars through all those talk shows) that I’m afraid it might suck.

I recently started reading The Hunger Games and similarly felt there was too much hype. It’s good. I like it, but I was expecting soooo much after hearing so much about it since, you know, the cool kids read it and started talking about it forever ago.  I actually borrowed it from my boss’s 10-year-old because he’s cooler than I am.

Anyway, this post is also overhyped. I really didn’t know if I’d come back here or if I was done with this blog/time in my life.  It got taken down around Christmas for being spam so I emailed some dude and was like, yo it’s not spam, it’s just me bitching about my love life and I guess he felt bad for me?

I’m not past the bitching about my love life and it’s still all over the place.  I found out today that “just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you” are the 11 most awful words and so much more complicated as a whole than you would ever imagine. 

That phrase actually just barely beats out “I’m [here/doing this/watching this], but there’s just one thing missing,” as the top things dumpERs should never be allowed to say to dumpEEs without getting their balls kicked.  Hard.

Other than the blog thing, I survived Christmas and the forced family fun that came along with it. The fam situation is still sticky, but I’m focusing on other stuff and doing my own thing and figuring out my new normal and rewriting roles for the people in my life.

And thinking of vacation. Because who doesn’t need to get away every now and then?


2 thoughts on “Overpromise and underdeliver, duh.

  1. I’ve missed reading you here. But I understand not knowing how to feel about handling the blog. It’s tough.

    My confession about the Hunger Games: I actually hated the first book. It was so hard for me to read that it took me three months to read the next two. Overall the series was okay, but yeah, it definitely didn’t live up to the hype for me.

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