I’m not feeling the holidays. I bought Michael Buble’s Christmas CD when it came out far too early in the season, but after a few spins, I changed it out in favor of switching back and forth between Miranda’s Four the Record and Miranda’s girl group’s – Pistol Annies – debut Hell on Heels. Both snuck by my spending fast and may or may not be the best decisions I’ve made since, um, getting a dog probably. They’re delicious, but definitely not Christmasy.

I borrowed one of my favorite Christmas decorations from my parents’ house and attached my GOTR ornament to it. I took the orange flowers off my fall wreath, leaving only the red with white, green and purple accents, thus making it a Christmas wreath. I’ve done some Christmas baking and some Christmas shopping, but overwhelmingly, I’ve over it. Under it? Not anywhere near it? Whatever.

FFF is truly forced this year.  I’ll see them, but my sis and BIL are leaving for the actual holiday and my mom’s pressuring me to spend the whole weekend at my parents’ place, like with just her, my dad and his mom.  I live a safe distance away to guard against them just popping in, but the distance is on the cusp of far enough away that overnights kind of make sense.  

I don’t want to upset my mom, but this is the year I got real and I’m not going to give that up for the sake of the holiday.  I wouldn’t care too much if it was just like any other Sunday.

One thing that is making me overwhelmingly happy this time of year is that Christmas turns into a high school reunion of sorts.  My girlfriends who are off being über smart and successful at grad school are back and I’ve seen them a few times so far with more things planned.  They’re the friends who you can see after years and fall right back in with.

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