Okay, so I saw New Year’s Eve last night.  It was a fun little date night.  I was concerned the movie was going to be a Valentine’s Day disaster, seeing as how it was the same director and concept, but it was fun and (mostly) happy and had me smiling the whole way through.

One of the plot lines is about a dowdy Michelle Pfeiffer spending the day trying to accomplish the resolutions she set for herself the year before so naturally, I started panicking about mine.  I don’t believe there’s been a year when I’ve actually accomplished everything I set out to do, which I might take into consideration as I think about my resolutions for next year!

Here’s what I wanted to do, what I did, didn’t do, what I still might have time to do and what I can’t believe I thought I wanted to do.

Read one fiction and one non-fiction book every month. I might have read 10 books in all?!  And definitely slacked on the nonfic.

Eat more veggies. Get creative and try new things. I think I did okay with this, but could have done better. 

Stick to a two-drink limit if I even want to drink at all. I can think of ONE instance in which I had a never again night this year, but I did well sticking to a limit as well as choosing to not drink out of habit or (sad to say at 27) peer pressure and just sticking to water if that’s what I wanted.

Downsize. Live simply. Donate things I don’t use (monthly) and don’t buy crap.  There was a definite spending freeze throughout the year and I didn’t buy too much crap.  I didn’t donate monthly, but did downsize and donate throughout the year.

Lose 10 pounds before the fall weddings.  Not sure where I was at when I made the resolution, but by October I was 115, which is about five under what I consider to be “my” weight and I was very happy with that.

Complete 60 things total on my 101 list.  I’m at 58 and have a few things I could maybe do in the next week and a half.

Climb the seven summits of Phoenix in seven days. Totally did!

Earn $3000 side income, personal training, writing, whatever. Absolute fail.

Build a $1290 wedding fund for bridesmaid expenses (yes, I realize NOW that it’s a stupid number, but it’s what my twisted math came up with). Contribute $50 a month + gifts.  Saved it and spent it guilt free when I needed to!

Spend less time with social media and more time with society. I did unplug, but not necessarily to make more genuine connections unfortunately

Write six short stories. Another absolute fail.

Write girl side of dating book and begin collaboration.  Ugh.  Fail.

Contribute to a Roth IRA…and 401(k) if company restarts match program.  Not to the extent I’d like, but yes, I did these.

Complete my eight-month emergency fund and leave it untouched in my MMA.  Nope! But, I settled on a five-month fund and it’s waiting to be called up to do it’s job and I’m crossing my fingers my e-day doesn’t come!

Make and follow a budget each month (< $2000/month or $24000/year).  Hmm, not so much.  This was tough, but I did made budgets and kinda sorta stick to them monthly.

Make and follow a training schedule each month. Rocked this one for most of the year.  The times I didn’t have races to train for was a little more difficult, but I’m really happy with my motivation to workout, my effort during my workouts and the effects those have had on my body this year!

Honor my appointments with myself. Put myself first as often as I want.  Definitely did better with this this year too.

Overpay on student loans (by more than $5, smart girl) to get below $11000 before the end of the year.  I overpaid, but am not under $11k, although it’s less that $120 away!

Pay off my CC each month, if I use it at all.  Great at first, not so good recently.

Hang out in Starbucks and Barnes & Noble and look approachable so as to be hit on.  Nope.  I met all of one guy quasi-organically.

Look presentable anytime I leave the house.  Oh goodness no.  Anyone who says having a dog is a good way to meet attractive strangers was obviously never at the mercy of a tiny, little puppy’s tiny, little bladder.  I have left the house in very questionable get ups recently.

Don’t waste more than one date on a bad prospect. Future me says so.  Did better, but definitely let a few quasi-relationships go on past the point where I knew it should end (ahem Rebel and married guy).

Try a new dating site.  I did eHarmony and Match, both were new to me and marked my official entrance into the “paying for online dating” world.  My vote is for Match, but not a huge fan of the sites in general.

Leave the baggage in the past. Leave exes in the past. Look forward. Um…

Say yes more. Say no more.  Yes and yes.

Go all in. Finish hard, finish strong – fitness, life, love, everything. I did it pretty big this year and went all in way more than I ever have.

Holy crap, I had a lot of goals.  I’m a chronic resolution/goal/intention setter.  Can’t stop this train.  There’s always next year!


3 thoughts on “NYResolutions?!

  1. I think you did pretty decently on the goals…but wow, you had a lot! I’m inspired by how well you did, despite that.

    Oh, and I will say that I had great luck on OKC, if you’re looking for a new dating site. I couldn’t gather if you’re single, from your latest posts, so I thought I’d share anyway. 🙂

  2. Haha, puppy bladders are so not geared towards looking cute when you leave the house. I have definitely just thrown a big coat on over a sleep shirt and prayed that my neighbors wouldn’t come down the stairs while I was standing out there half-dressed.

    I am so not a goal person, but I always enjoy reading yours and seeing how you do with them in the next year. I wish I was more goal oriented, but, unless it’s small, concrete goals with a short time limit, they’re not really my thing.

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