Fire Up For Fall Week 9

My Fire Up For Fall goals and progress:

1. Go to yoga in the park at least once.
1.2 Do one good thing (at least)!
2. Decorate two rooms.
2.2 Make at least two meals for the week type meals on Sundays. (1/2)
3. Do three 101 things. (3/3)
3.2 Read three books. (1/3)
4. Save $400. ($400/$400)
4.2 Do four friend things. (4/4)
5. Go for an evening walk at least five times. (5/5)
5.2 Spend five hours a week writing or working on my side business. (7 weeks/10 weeks)

1. What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?

I did a few good things this week…nothing huge, but those little acts of kindness that I’m normally too shy to step up and do. 

I read more than I have been, but am still struggling with finishing book #2.  Perhaps I need to read something NOT about relationships right now.

2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?

I went out.  I don’t go out often, but I knew I needed a shake up in my weekend routine (of yoga and running and watching TV and going to bed at 9 and not really talking to human beings for the majority of it).  In an attempt to really do something different and unfunk, I straightened my hair.  I liked how it looked, but I liked even more that after two days, I was like, “this isn’t me” and am happy to be back to a curly girl.

3. What is the most positive thing you’ve taken away from this challenge?

This is going to sound shallow, but it hasn’t been a super life changing challenge, probably because of my goals, so I’m just going to say that I found out I really like the yoga in the park classes and kind of got over my fear of going to them, which is nice.

4. It’s your last week, the run to the finish, what is your priority?

I’d like to at least finish another book, so I’m going to be mindful of the stupid TV I watch and use the time to read instead.  I also want to finish my dinner goal.  Sunday is my mom’s birthday, so I might have to make a big dinner Saturday or something, but either way, I’ll make a point to make a meal with leftovers.

5. Fun Stuff: Desert Island, you can take 1 person, 1 famous person and 3 items besides food and water. Who and What do you take?

I guess I’d take Lucky because on a desert island, family issues wouldn’t matter.  I’d totally take Oprah and I’d take a notebook, a pen and sunscreen, haha.  Sounds like a lovely little vacay, actually…sign me up!


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