101 Check In

So, I did my math wrong and was convinced today was the halfway point of my 101 in 1001 challenge. Close, but no cigar. Either way, I’m doing an update.

According to my official checklist at the Day Zero Project, I have 506 days left and…drumroll please…I have completed 55% of the items on my list!  I scanned through it this morning and here are some highlights:

Things that are intimidating me even though I have 506 days left to complete them:
Travel out of the country.
Write a novel.
Sing karaoke.
Learn conversational Spanish.

Things I want to do again:
Have sex in public.
Complete a triathlon

Things I did just because they were on the list:
Become a personal trainer.
Make bread pudding.
Eat at Pizzeria Bianco.

Things that I thought I could pull off for 1001 days but that I  suck at:
Don’t text while driving.
Don’t dye my hair.
Find a job I love.
Build an eight-month emergency fund.
Make a photo album of pics taken during the 1001 days.

Things on the list that make me sad:
Plan a great bachelorette party/wedding shower/pre-wedding day for my sister.
Share a magical NYE kiss.
Go to a shooting range with my family.
Go to the driving range with my dad.

Things I am super excited about:
Make sushi.
Learn to surf.
Take a pole dancing class.
Go to a gay bar.

Things that are most likely to remain un-crossed-off:
Tie between Go to the driving range with my dad and Help someone achieve their weight loss goal.

Things that will very likely happen before the end of the year:
Adopt a pet.
Learn to SUP.
Go to a gay bar.
Play hooky.

So much has changed in the last 495 days.  It’s hard to even remember who I was when I made the list.  I guess it’s a nice reminder that this too shall pass.

Do you have a list?  Did you have the same excitement when you started it but feel your enthusiasm wane a bit as the days moved forward?


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