In Short

So, in short, it’s over with me and Lucky. We had the same conversation we’d been having for the past two weeks again yesterday but it was much more definitive. He sees no way for us to move forward when we’re up against this rock and I can only tell him how much I care about him and don’t care what my family thinks and want to keep our relationship going while hearing him say that.

Even knowing that, I hate quitting. I especially hate quitting something that’s important to me and that I care about and I keep thinking I just need to tell him again that I care about him and want it to work.  If you ask for something, you’re supposed to get it, right?  Unfortunately, I’ve been asking for the past two weeks.  It just seems so unfair.

I definitely need a break and some space from the situation before I can consider how we can still be in each others’ lives moving forward.  Amicable break ups might be worse than stereotypically bad ones.


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