Fire Up For Fall Week 7

My Fire Up For Fall goals and progress:

1. Go to yoga in the park at least once.
1.2 Do one good thing (at least)!
2. Decorate two rooms.
2.2 Make at least two meals for the week type meals on Sundays. (1/2)
3. Do three 101 things. (3/3)
3.2 Read three books. (1/3)
4. Save $400. ($400/$400)
4.2 Do four friend things. (4/4)
5. Go for an evening walk at least five times. (3/5)
5.2 Spend five hours a week writing or working on my side business. (7 weeks/10 weeks)

1. What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?

I saved $150 from my EOM paycheck to finish my savings goal.

When I walked into my condo after being gone all weekend I got really depressed that it’s so bare, so my motivation to decorate is kicking in, that’s a step there!

I went to my friend’s wedding and it was a whole friend weekend (and gosh did I need it), finishing up my four friend things.

I took an evening walk after the rehearsal dinner.  It actually felt like fall and was lovely.

I wrote a little while I was traveling, not sure it was five hours, but it was something.

2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?

I let myself be on vacation – mentally as well as physically and I definitely needed that.  I stopped worrying and future-thinking and fat-talking myself in many ways that I had been lately.  I was surrounded by good friends and I just had fun.  Obviously the weekend away also helped me make progress on my goals!

3. How do you pull yourself out of a slump or prevent yourself falling in to one?

I fake it til I make it.  If it’s a workout slump, I make myself put in the workouts even if I’m not feeling it until I am actually motivated again. If it’s a life funk in general, I make a point to dress up to feel good about myself until it reflects on the inside as well. To prevent a workout slump, I try to schedule a variety of workouts so I don’t feel bummed that I’m going to run every day or whatever.

4. Are you naturally positive or do you have to work at it? How do you keep yourself positive?

I am generally positive.  If I’m having a feeling sorry for myself moment or feeling pessimistic, I can usually look at the bigger picture and see that things in general are still pretty good and whatever little thing is bugging me will pass.

5. I’m on Holiday right now, if you could go away anywhere tomorrow (and work wouldn’t get weird) where would you go?

I am craving (and half-planning) a trip to Belize for surfing and yoga, I would definitely jet there to refresh!


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