Fire Up For Fall Week 4

My Fire Up For Fall goals and progress:

1. Go to yoga in the park at least once.
1.2 Do one good thing (at least)!
2. Decorate two rooms.
2.2 Make at least two meals for the week type meals on Sundays. (1/2)
3. Do three 101 things. (3/3)
3.2 Read three books.
4. Save $400. ($200/$400)
4.2 Do four friend things. (2/4)
5. Go for an evening walk at least five times. (1/5)
5.2 Spend five hours a week writing or working on my side business. (4 weeks/10 weeks)

1. What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?

I did two things on my 101 list, completing that goal. I got a Brazilian wax.  TMI?  Probably.  I also went to Oktoberfest and ate festival food (it was on the list, don’t ask).

I went to Oktoberfest with some girlfriends I haven’t seen since July, so that’s another friend thing!

I worked on Lucky’s and my own marketing plans for more than five hours last week.

2.  What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?

I’d say the wax.  It was my first and although it didn’t feel fabulous during, I really like it and have felt quite womanly (ironic?) and sexy since. 

3. What is your go to food or activity when you’ve had a bad day?

I have a few different coping mechanisms, depending on the kind of bad day it was.  Anything from brie and french bread to chocolate, chocolate, chocolate or running or yoga to just going to bed (even if it’s like 7)!

      4. What’s the last thing you did that you were really proud of?

My triathlon. It’s something I wanted to do for a while and I trained for three months.  I was very proud to run across the finish line!

5. Fun Time:  What was your favorite school subject, and your least favorite? Why?

I usually like my English classes because I liked to read and write.  I cried over math way too many times and never wanted to go.  It just overwhelmed me.

Positive image of the week:

Can’t stop listening to Adele’s 21.  Here’s one of her lyrics that been inspiring me lately.


2 thoughts on “Fire Up For Fall Week 4

  1. Ooh, Brie and French bread sounds amazing right now. I may have to see about getting some for this weekend.

    Between your tweets about the wax and this post, you’re really making me want to jump on the bikini wax bandwagon again. Such a trendsetter you are.

    Congrats again on the triathlon. I’m so impressed with you for doing that. All of my blog friends are so gung-ho and athletic.

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