Thursday, 3am

Mystery Man: ūüôā
MM: Any chance you’re awake?
MJ: There’s a chance you just woke me up. Who is this?
MM: An old foe. With that said, you should resume your slumber.

I’m a sucker for an eloquent man, but there are few men I’ve dated that would use those words like that in that way, so I could guess, but the number wasn’t registering anything with me. It was local and the two I had narrowed it down to at “foe”¬†had out-of-state numbers (so I thought).

MJ: I at least deserve an answer at 3am on Thursday. It is Thursday, right?
MM: You deserve a lot more. This is an old secret admirer that should be kept in the dark. Rainforest dark.

If you’ve been following along, you’d think that Non-Mush¬†would be up since the other exes literally came back in chronological order. However, with the mention of Rainforest, the field was narrowed to one.

A younger man who was so not my type (emo¬†before hipster was the new emo) with absolutely nothing going for him who stole my heart with his James Dean attitude and oozing sexuality when we worked together at an awful chain restaurant in an outlet mall the summer before my senior year of college.¬† Despite that, I wouldn’t let him get it in and I think that’s why he wanted me so much.¬† Who doesn’t want to be wanted?¬† Oh, the games we play in our early-twenties.

We talked off and on for maybe a year or so after that summer, but it’s literally been years since I’ve heard from him. On Thursday. At 3am. I’m beginning to think it’s time to change my number, but I would feel bad for whoever got it after me!


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