Fire Up For Fall

After taking the summer off, I’m joining up with Rebecca for the Fall Challenge!  It starts today!

1. What are your goals for the Fall Challenge? 

1.  Go to yoga in the park at least once.
1.2  Do one good thing (at least)!
2.  Decorate two rooms.
2.2  Make at least two meals for the week type meals on Sundays.
3.  Do three 101 things.
3.2  Read three books.
4.  Save $400.
4.2  Do four friend things.
5.  Go for an evening walk at least five times.
5.2  Spend five hours a week writing or working on my side business.

2. Why have you chosen those goals?

I struggled to come up with goals.  I guess that’s all the more reason to focus in and put a little direction in my fall. I like SMART goals, but just making a to-do list wasn’t speaking to me, especially if it contained stuff I was planning on doing anyway. 

They’re things I WANT to do, but might not get around to without this challenge and other participants to keep me accountable.  Some of them are things that are going to take a little bit of conscious effort and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Somehow the list just developed with a numbers theme, so I decided to just go with it!

3. What have you done this week that’s made you feel fabulous? 

I had a tough, busy week.  Sometimes I feel great just being busy and I feel good about everything I accomplished.

4. What do you think will be your biggest challenge in reaching your goals?

Making time and making these things a priority.  Most of them are things to do that I’ll enjoy, but old habits die hard and while I’d love for a lot of these things to be my new routine, it’s hard to break from my old one.

  5. Fun Question! Where in  the World do you live? What’s amazing about it?

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona! It’s amazing because it has amazing weather most of the year and great opportunities to do active things outside and there are a ton of community events and great dining options.


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