The Adult List

On Tuesday, I put on a very adult outfit.

One part because we had clients in the office, one part because I was seeing Lucky for the first time in a while and knew the dress + heels would get him (and they did) and one part because I was signing my loan documents for my very first home and dressing the part seemed appropriate.

The adult line has been drawn many times so far in my life…when I turned 18, when I turned 21, when I graduated college + started my first real job + lived on my own out of the dorms + started paying for a just about everything on my own (that was a big one), when I really started paying for everything on my own.  But NOW, homeownership…woo-eee, no turning back.

Going through the home buying process, not alone, but more alone than I expected to be on a few levels, was a great experience.  Along the way, I’ve come up with some ideas about adult things I must do or not do, have or not have now that I’m a mortgage-paying member of adulthood.

I probably shouldn’t buy things I can’t afford.  Well, you know, except for the house.  I don’t think too many adults actually follow this guideline, but I’d like to be more consistent with my maturity, responsibility and self-control when it comes to spending. Because, you know it’s the adult thing to do.  Of course, there’s the annoying, little fact that moving makes you want to purge everything you own that was perfectly acceptable for the last year or however long you’ve had it and buy all new everything, coordinating everything, shiny and pretty everything, but I have a little left in my up-front home fund and everything else can wait.

I’m pretty sure homeowners sit on their patios and drink coffee in the morning, wine at night.  This has actually always been a vice of mine and I get TWO patios in my new place, so I don’t think this will be an issue.

Women who own homes have pretty lingerie.  I have sexy lingerie, but lately I’ve been noticing the pretty pieces that just scream to be worn around the house when it’s just me, you know, being an adult.

I recently read a blog post about completely free ways to make your house a home.  My apartments have been increasingly homey, but this condo is 100% mine and I want to feel as such, by speaking fondly of it and my things, spending time there, spreading out to utilize all the space and filling it with music.  My adult music of choice?  Frank and Michael.

Adults must, from September to February, stock beer in the fridge for football season.

My new place needs some kind of cohesive style throughout the house that utilizes more new furniture than hand-me-downs or Craigslist purchases.  This comes back to the money, money, money issue, so I will be patient.

I am definitely going to need a cleaning schedule and the motivation to follow it.  Or maybe a cleaning lady.

This new line, with the definitive before and after, is an opportunity to renew my ideas about who I am and who I want to be, what I want to do with my life, who I want to let in my life, who I need to let go from my life. 

Like everything, it’s a work in progress.


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