Overshare = Unfriend

Remember the girl who was made an example in my “let’s embrace all the moments that we have” post?

She has now landed in Europe and then went to this bar, that landmark, slept in until 3, had this guy say that to her, had that guy look at her this way, took this train over here….and then I unfriended her. I didn’t just hide her updates, this was deserving of an unfriend (like I said, we’re not that close anyway).

For as much as she was looking forward to her vacation, she seems like she’s too busy updating her Facebook status to even be enjoying it! Some people. Granted, she probably doesn’t have a blog where she talks about all the mundaneness of her day-to-day, so perhaps I’m not one to talk!

Do you overshare on social media?  Does it bug you?  How do you deal with it?

4 thoughts on “Overshare = Unfriend

  1. I try not to overshare when it comes to social media. That being said, I hate looking at constant status updates on my Facebook newsfeed. No, I don’t need to know that you’re waking the kids up, and now making them breakfast, or that they just peed in the potty. I usuallu block them from the feed ,or if it’s a case of commenting or “liking” everything I post, I delete them or disable their ability to comment!

      • I try to keep my Facebook friends pretty slim anyway to include real friends, it helps keep away from drama! I would hide a friend’s overposting, but this girl and I mostly just have friends in common and see each other once every few months, so nothing really lost! The excessive mommy posts or relationship drama posts are quite annoying!

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