No really…the rafters.

TGISWOTSD started texting me last night.  ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! 

The conversation went like this…

Him:  Sorry I never responded to your email, but I was dating a girl and with her when I got it and forgot to respond, but it was very nice and you’re a better person than I am.

Me:  Obviously, but I must have deleted your number.  Who is this? 

I really had deleted his number, I wasn’t just playing it cool.  I had no clue who it could be because I wasn’t on the edge of my seat waiting for a reply email from anyone.  Through further conversation, I was reminded I sent him an email like six months ago to let him know the TV show we were on (long story) had aired and he had gotten a lot of screen time and he could watch it online if he wanted.

Him:  I don’t blame you for that.  It’s John.

His name’s not John, but it’s basically one of those OTHER names that every guy has, so really just giving me that was not descriptive at all, but I could guess.

Me:  Oh.

I’m pretty awesome, but seriously, what is WITH these boys?  It’s just so cliché at this point.

I just want Lucky.  And fortunately, he’s making his way back around too.

2 thoughts on “No really…the rafters.

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