Women and Hair

I kind of surprised myself the other day with the length of the post I wrote about my relationship with my stylist, but that says a lot about my relationship with my hair, a relationship I believe that is intense for all women, even the ones (like me) who claim to be low- to no-maintenance.

I just spent a weekend in Vegas with my group of college girlfriends. This group collectively believes that my power with men is in my hair. You see, I do the grow it out, chop it off dance. I have chopped it off to donate it about three times since high school.

My luck with men has certainly ebbed a flowed a bit and I haven’t charted it as it relates to my hair’s length expressly, but when these friends remind me of THEIR superstitions about MY hair, it makes ME superstitious!

When I off-handedly mentioned “my boyfriend,” in Vegas they were, at first, hesitant to believe I actually had one. I think more because I hadn’t mentioned anything, but our relationships sadly aren’t really like that anymore, but I was at least slightly offended at their disbelief. Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve found a guy to stick around long enough for labels, but it’s not totally impossible!

Anyway, when they realized I wasn’t actually kidding, one acknowledged, “well, your hair is getting longer again, so it makes sense.” That’s how much they believe in the power of the hair.  As reference, I think it’s mid-length now, some people have commented it’s long. 

Point further proven, the gentleman who checked us into Minus5 at Monte Carlo had to take a breather when he put my jacket on me and then explained, “I love your curly hair. I just want to pull it straight.” “Well, hello, stranger, nice to meet you too.” Some men really do love it.

I get my hair cut maybe twice a year (no-maintenance!), usually only after my home-trimmings have gotten out of control and I need professional shaping assistance, but I got it cut about a month ago (the new gym enticement). At the time, I simply asked Lucky if he had a preference for short or long hair. He said he didn’t and that was that, just a quick check in to make sure I wasn’t making a fatal error, but I didn’t need his permission or even his opinion.

I wasn’t even going to mention I was getting my hair dyed today, but I told him about my appointment and he asked what I was getting done so I had to tell him and of course ask him if gentlemen really do prefer blondes (at least if MY gentleman does).  He doesn’t really have a preference and I was going darker regardless and he’ll like it because I look good with dark hair.

One of my pet peeves is when women talk incessantly about their hair (kind of like how I am RIGHT NOW). As I said, I totally believe that it’s an intense relationship, but it’s also a very personal relationship. Women will talk back and forth forever about length and color and should they do this, should they not do this and whatnot.

What they don’t realize is that they are boring their conversation partner to tears and they need to be a big girl and make decisions they want to make, not ask people until they hear the answer they wanted to hear all along.  This goes for a lot in life, actually.

I go back and forth quite often, but to myself. Perhaps this is where I differ from “typical women” because I’m introspective about a lot of things and rarely express that outwardly (well, except maybe here).

Speaking of…another pet peeve of mine is women who say they don’t like women or that they’re not a typical woman or stereotype women as a gender when really, everyone is unique. Oops.

I’m going to stop talking now.  And go get my hair done.  And then talk about it to people IRL who don’t care either.


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