My Stalker Ex

My ex who ruined my life has decided we’re friends again.

Okay, that was a touch dramatic.  My life is nowhere near ruined; it’s pretty great and I guess I have him (in part) to thank for that.

He did give me a ton of baggage – insecurity and trust issues – I’m working through. He did keep me in California a year longer than I probably should have stayed. He was a BIG reason why I finally left.

Also dramatic because he didn’t really decide we’re friends, but after two years of being apart and six months of zero communication, we’re apparently now acquaintances. As in, he is an acquaintance who is following me on Twitter and wants to connect with me on LinkedIn. He’s still blocked on Facebook, but he’s being a total social media creeper. I kind of wonder why, but I don’t want to give him any mind. He’s not worth it. He’s simply a reminder of a few things.

1. Everything happens for a reason. Without being interested in him, I might have left California a year earlier. Where would my life have led me then? There’s no such thing as what might have been and I think I’m in a great place right now (even though it took a lot of ups and downs to feel that way) and am glad that the timing worked out as it did.

2. I can overcome. I’ve been having some anxiety issues lately, but looking back on stressful times, thinking about how, in the midst of it, maybe I thought it was terrible, but I got through it and am better off for it, shows me that I can still do that and I don’t need to be such a nutcase…things will work out!


2 thoughts on “My Stalker Ex

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