An Adult Weekend

This weekend, I was an adult. What was so adult about my weekend?

I played a lot of things by ear and wasn’t immaturely stuck to my routine. I was busy, which was a nice change from my lately lazy summer weekends!

My relationship with Lucky hit a new level. A level where we did a whole spectrum of things together – errands and boring things, family things, romantic things. A level where I spent an unexpected afternoon hanging out with him in my sweated-in spin and yoga gear, sans makeup, sans any kind of hairstyle. And it was comfortable and it was fun and it was nice. And I felt pretty. I think feeling pretty and comfortable in your skin is quite adult.

I redeemed myself with a REAL cute adult dress and adult heels later that night when we went to an adult dinner – a SECOND birthday celebration because I’m a very lucky lady like that. I ate a piece of his steak and I tried escargot! He later told me it was one of those little tests you do early in relationships – less about eating it and more about being willing to try – and I passed 🙂

Oh, and this morning? I put an offer in on a house! How’s that for adult?!  I had a very adult conversation with my pops about the whole thing, a conversation in which I wasn’t so much asking for his opinion or permission, just telling him what was going on. 

I’m trying to be quite 50/50 on the whole thing, but I’m very excited at the prospect of purchasing the house, fixing up the house and moving into a place that’s all mine!  I even gave in and joined Pinterest to gather design inspiration.

And now I’m having one of those cranky Sunday evenings where I don’t want my weekend to be over, even though I have very exciting things to look forward to this week!


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