I may be single, but at least I’m not a bitch.

At family lunch the other day, the topic of the boy came up. I play my cards close to the chest when I’m really in like with someone (obviously), but I was ready to start telling my fam a little more about him.

That is until my sister, who I haven’t seen in a few weeks, maybe a month, upon first hearing about this man blurted out, “Is he going to stick around?”

Now, my family’s got jokes.  We laugh all the time when we’re together and sometimes it’s at each other or ourselves. I tease her about plenty of things. Heck, I tease myself with self-deprecating humor about my dating life. But, that stung and as I’ve thought about it since, it stings more and more.

It wasn’t, “Is he nice? Does he treat you well? Do you like him?”  It was – to my ears anyway – “So, when are you going to run THIS one off?”

I get it sis, you’re lucky in love, you’re happily marrying your forever in three months and I’ll be standing behind your friend who you chose to be your MOH over me, and you assume I won’t have a date in crowd or if I do, it will be a pity date, but maybe you could try to be a little more supportive and encouraging.  It’s been a while, but you’ve been here too.  How quickly you forget.

And even though she didn’t ask, yes, he’s nice, yes, he treats me well and yes, I like him. I’m not psychic, but I hope he sticks around, which means I may wait on the family intro just in case “bitchy sister” is a deal-breaker for him.


6 thoughts on “I may be single, but at least I’m not a bitch.

  1. Don’t you just love bitchy sisters? I would do anything for my sister and she would for me too – but she still made me feel like shit at her wedding.

    I’m glad he’s nice, even happier that he treats you well, and happiest that you want him to stick around. I do too.

    So, now, on to the questions I have…is he tall? short? Dark haired? Blonde? What color are his eyes? 😉

    Seriously, as much as I miss reading your posts – it makes me so happy to know that it’s probably because you’re off with him.

    • Hehe! It makes me feel better that I’ve been so competitive with her for my whole life and assumed she could care less, because now at least it seems like she’s doing a little bit of an “I win” dance, so perhaps she feels the sibling rivalry as well.

      He’s short (I never thought I’d see the day!) and athletic, dark hair, dark eyes, older, considerate, smart, affectionate and driven. He’s a catch! And he’s definitely keeping my social calendar and mind busy!

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  3. Nah, you’re framing it in the wrong perspective. If they don’t stick around, it’s because they’ve realized they’re not good enough ya. Eff it, take it as a compliment.

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