Goals Schmoals

I sat down on Monday night to dive into the summer Beat the Heat challenge, but wasn’t feeling it. I had made a list of the goals I had in mind, but wasn’t too gung-ho about them.

I have lists of goals on big post-its all over the place. January resolutions I need to revisit, things to do in the summer, things to do in July, things to do before my birthday (in one month), 101 things, things that other bloggers are doing that sound like great ideas (like Kate’s sugar-free day…hey girl, hey).

And then there’s stuff I actually need to do, like decide if I want to buy a house and then do all the steps to make it happen…you can see it’s quite well-researched.

It’s far too easy to lose focus in the summer and I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on here, but I know myself and I know that although I can give myself a hard time, I never actually get too far off track without pulling myself back on.


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