Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Okay, out with it…I’ve had nine dates with six men in the past eight days.  And what has it gotten me?  Too much food, too much wine and three men who may or may not think we have plans tonight.  All I want to do is go to a yoga class, come home to put on stretchy pants, bake, do laundry and watch Hulu.  

I’ve still fit in all my workouts, seen my fam and slept a good amount, but I’m so burnt out on the whole thing.  And okay, maybe developing a little guilt.

Five of the men I met online, so they have to assume I’m dating other people, at least at this stage, but even I can admit it’s a little extreme.  It’s one thing to have coffee with a man on a Saturday afternoon and then meet up with someone at a wine bar later in the week after he returns from a business trip, but it’s another thing to pack dates in between them like sardines. 

However, I’m not doing it just to do it and tick off my numbers (last night was #10 BTW…getting scary close), these are all men who I was genuinely intrigued by and interested in after connecting on Match, which leads to another point…

I’m getting good at this.  None of the five guys was a walking red flag.  Those are not odds I’m used to.  Usually I’d end up with a least one disaster, but they were all nice, made me laugh and I had a good time with them. 

One came off as a bit of a music snob and talked over me a few times, another was a bit too “Scottsdale” for my tastes (while claiming to not be “Scottsdale”).  One had shaved legs and wore Vibrams on our date.  It was a little strange, but kind of awesome because he’s a pretty serious triathlete.  And last night I cringed a bit when my date asked to see the wine list for a second glass, but it was less about getting away from him and more about just getting in my PJs.  Not one had me considering ditching him via the bathroom.

That being said, four of them are not getting second dates.  It’s all about the intangible and the 4:1 ratio there is much more what I’m used to.

The sixth is a Rebel 2.0 (he’s nice and fun and not for me, but likes me and I was hurt by Non-Mush, so the cycle continues).  We’ve been out a handful of times, but I think it’s time to come clean.

Rebel 2.0 was one of the guys I made tentative plans with tonight, but since starting this, he got the “I’m super burnt out, let’s rain check” excuse.  So much for coming clean.  I’m bad at this.  No Name got the “you’re too busy and I’ve met someone who’s not” line because I can be honest with him like that and it’s a dance we’ve done a few times now. 

As for the “someone who’s not,” he’s the third for tonight, and the one I’d most like to see if I wanted to see anyone besides Erica and Dr. Tom.  We’re spending a good chunk of the weekend together anyway so I think he’ll understand.


One thought on “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

  1. I’m just starting to realize how much “math” is involved in your dating process. Numbers, ratios… tell me you’re not tracking all this on some insanely complex Excel spreadsheet, are you?

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