SFC Finale!

My goals + how I did:

1.  Save $750. ($952.56/$750)

Check, check, check.  Feels like I haven’t done well financially lately, but I have been contributing to my 401(k), which helped with this goal, but has me trying to find a balance that will allow me to play now AND later.

2.  Write two short stories. (0/2)

Eek.  Not so much. 

3.  Outline my novel.

Again, not so much.  I have two ideas I’m playing with right now.  One has a rough outline and one is very green and neither are where I’d like them to be right now.

4.  Take a class.

Check!  I took a ton of yoga classes this month and also went to a community class on bike maintenance.  Check out your local REI store, they offer at least weekly events.

5.  Run 231 miles. (236.5/231)

Yay!  Success!

6.  Bike 120 miles. (120.5/120)

Made it..barely!

7.  Learn to play a song on the guitar.

I did not do this 😦  However, I DID pick up my guitar and play with it for a bit this last weekend, which is pretty much more than I’ve done since I’ve had it.  I explored some tutorials on YouTube and realized I like – and want to play – complicated songs!  Contemplating a few more nights like that or actually taking lessons because this is still something I’d like to accomplish.

8.  Make a dress.

Nope.  I asked my mom to help me, but never got a pattern or fabric. 

9.  Volunteer four times. (6/4)

Yep!  I took care of this one early on, which is good because my volunteer opportunities have been waning for the summer.  I love working at festivals and there are pretty much none for the next few months.  I’m really glad I made this a goal and have made a conscious effort to stay involved.

10.  Get to 115. (119.4)

Ugh.  Not so much either, but I’m glad to be back in the teens (straddling really, it’s been back and forth).  I’m realizing how soon Vegas and the weddings are and it’s motivating me to keep it moving downward, although I don’t think I’m making this a goal for summer because I’m disappointed in my progress with it for the last two challenges.


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