Single Things Thursday

Stuff in my kitchen that makes me happy to be single on this wonderful summer Thursday night…

I came home from yoga and opened the last beer.

I left an open box of tampons on my kitchen counter.  I realize now this implies something grosser than what actually happened.  What happened is that I unloaded my Target loot there and never moved the box to the bathroom, so when I needed to throw one in my purse (not a euphemism, folks), I just did so right there and if I lived with or regularly had a man in my home, this would not go over well as men like to pretend we don’t bleed.

I had a hot dog for dinner, a. without judgement, b. without complaints that they were actually turkey dogs and c. without going through the whole package like I would have if I had to share with a bottomless pit.

I have these free coupons for Papa John’s wings (give blood!) and PowerBar that I get to use for me, myself and I! 

So, who am I trying to convince?  No one.  Just taking some time to enjoy the little things that I sometimes fail to notice as perks of being unattached for now!


3 thoughts on “Single Things Thursday

  1. Awww…I love moments that make you feel happy to be single. I had that last Friday. My friend called me up last minute to offer me a free Michael Buble ticket. I already had plans, but rearranged things to make it fit. On my way there, I thought about how I probably wouldn’t be able to attend the concert if I was married or had a kid. Married people with kids can’t just drop their plans to attend concerts. The awesome part about it was that I got to meet some of the band members afterward. Sometimes I really wanna settle down, but other times I’m thankful for the spontaneity of singleness.

  2. “men like to pretend we don’t bleed.” Not true. Well, not for all men, at least. In fact, I have no problem with the tampons on the counter. Not having enough beer, though? Inexcusable. 😉

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