Nothin’ Better To Do

Now that I’m no longer online dating, which at times seemed more like a chore and a task to be kept up with than the fun experience it was supposed to be, what is there to do with my time?

Start in on the stack of magazine I have that date back to last summer.

Have an impromptu Glee-a-thon.  All caught up now!

Remember how to kiss strangers in bars.

Haul ass on the treadmill. 

Master all 100 puzzles at all four levels of Sudoku on my phone.

Drool over foodie blogs.

Paint designs on my nails.  Seriously.  Shit is getting fancy over here.

Bake, bake, bake.

Browse the library.  It’s getting to be an addiction.

Read what I get at the library.

Read travel books from the library and plan fun trips.

Plan an escape.

Contemplate if I need an escape.

RSVP to Meetups. 

Cancel RSVPs to Meetups because the coed ones are just strange.

Forget that the coeds are strange.  Go.  Remember.

Discover YouTube.  Yes, like seven years late.


Be on time to work.

Do puzzles because they’re fun.

Keep up with my guilty pleasure, 16 and Pregnant.  Oh Morgan J. Freeman, you are truly a blessing to society.

Become a yogini.

Shop for baby showers.  Shop for a new bikini.  Shop for dresses.

Go on real dates.  Like with a man I met organically. Like tonight.


2 thoughts on “Nothin’ Better To Do

  1. So, how did the date go?

    I like how you put “sleep” in the list, since I’m trying to figure out how, with all the other stuff on the list, you actually find the time to!

  2. Sometimes you put so much time and energy into something without realizing it that when it’s over and done with, you’re amazed at all of the stuff you now have time for. Seems like a great summer goal list.

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