If It Makes You Happy

My friend recently posted on Facebook that she was sad she wasn’t standing in line at the Chelsea Handler book signing. And by recently I mean this has been sitting as a draft forever and if you’re into fact checking, Chelsea Handler was in Phoenix on a lovely Friday the 13th.

I thought Chelsea was hilarious in her Girls Behaving Badly and My Horizontal Life phase, but recently feel like maybe she used up all her funny with those and is now just trying too hard, but that’s not the point.

I responded, “So go stand in line.”

Seems simple enough. You’re sad. Do the thing that will presumably make you happy.

Remember this Sheryl Crow song?

Apparently it came out when I was in the sixth grade, but I had a girlfriend in high school who used to sing it to me when I was second guessing a decision.  This friend was quite reserved in early high school, but was probably the first of my friends who I noticed really grow into herself when we were still teenagers. To this day, she lives the width of her life.  She embraces it and does what she wants.  I love her for it. 

I’m getting more and more comfortable with it myself.  I think it’s one of the blessings of getting to and being at this stage of my life single.  I love the liberties of living on my own and with no attachments.  The freedom to go where I want, do what I want, be who I want.

I also love letting my freak flag fly.  It’s not actually that freaky, it’s more  like things that reserved, little, concerned-about-what-others-think MJ would have to talk herself into.  Now my first response is to just do it.  And if there’s any question, I just channel my inner Sheryl.


2 thoughts on “If It Makes You Happy

  1. I agree with you about Handler: she seems to be trying so, so hard for the laugh (as well as to be “edgy”), that I don’t find her that funny…

    Of course, you know that I’m insanely curious as to what, exactly, your freak flag consists of… 😉

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