Oh Baby!

Babies are cute.  They totally are.  And the stupid Mott’s commercials remind me that I think that being a mom will be the best thing in the world. 

My sister is planning a baby shower for her future sister-in-law, who I think is wonderful and is doing the best she can in a situation that left her not even showing yet and single, so I’m excited to attend! 

I love giving books and that was actually a request on the invite, to give a book as a card, and of course everyone loves shopping for cute little pink clothes that the baby will spit up all over and grow out of in a week and a half, but I know that registries are created with a  purpose, especially when it’s a first baby.  There is so much crap you need! 

So, I looked her up on Target and got a glimpse at the things she’s asking for.  Nothing too crazy (although, the older you get and the more you sit out of these big life events, the crazier the whole registry thing seems, hello Carrie Bradshaw!), it’s actually a lot of the nitty-gritty.

Seeing breast pumps and bottle cleaners and some new fancy schmancy thing called gDiapers and baby monitors (ugh, no thanks, I LOVE my sleep) reminded me that being a mom isn’t all cute pink clothes, well-behaved children who WANT to be read to and then calmly go to sleep, Gerber Puffs and pouring juice. 

Go ahead and sign me up in the “not ready” category, as well as the “I’ve never been happier about my situational abstinence” category!

My sis is super excited to meet her niece, although her hi-LAR-ious hubby-to-be loves to remind her that although the babe will be born in July or August, she won’t be an aunt until they get married in October! 

Whatever, we’re women and it’s all about the love, so I’m excited to be an aunt-of-sorts too! Aunts-of-sorts are the best thing to be, after all, because you REALLY get to just pass the baby back when you’re done oohing and ahhing.

Word to the wise…if you write a post about how you totes don’t want a little guy right now, don’t do a Google Images search for “baby” because they’re just so stinkin’ cute and now I just want to smell their heads and tickle their itty bitty toes.


3 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

  1. Haha, I am immune to the google image baby search. I found the best cure ever for baby-fever. Go live with an actual baby. Where, their at night crying keeps you awake, where your stuff gets puked on too, where the cute little mysteries all get lifted and you realize how much work a baby is.

    I had baby-fever bad all through my teens and early 20s. Now I couldn’t be happier to be baby-free. So much responsibility that I do not want right now. Besides, babies turn into toddlers who turn into teenagers, I definitely can’t handle that one.

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