My goals:

1.  Save $750. ($200/$750)
2.  Write two short stories. (0/2)
3.  Outline my novel.
4.  Take a class.
5.  Run 231 miles. (107.5/231)
6.  Bike 120 miles. (74/120)
7.  Learn to play a song on the guitar.
8.  Make a dress.
9.  Volunteer four times. (5/4)
10.  Get to 115. (120.8)

1.  What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?

I ran 24.5 miles, which took me over 100, woohoo!

I weighed in at 120.8, up two from last week, but today I went grocery shopping today for my pre-planned meals for the week and they are going to be nutritious, low cal and delicious!

I transferred $50 to my bridesmaid fund.

I volunteered on Friday and Saturday.  Friday was fun; I went with my girls Meetup group to a social for developmentally disabled adults and helped with arts and crafts and then danced and encouraged the students to dance as well.  Saturday was sadly kind of a bust as it was the golf tournament I was super excited to help out at, but it was kind of unorganized, there wasn’t much to do and the older volunteers who have more of a tie to the charity were slightly unwelcoming and hesitant to accept help.  But, either way, that completes my first SFC goal!

2.  What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?

I made peace with letting go of some of my friendships that have not been working, realizing that sometimes shitty friends deserve to be broken up with just as much as shitty boyfriends do, and pursued new friendships. 

I also took some time tonight to prepare those pre-planned meals for the week and clean up my house and I feel ready to start the week calmly instead of feeling like Monday snuck up and smacked me like I sometimes do!

3. When you go away on vacation or business do your goals get put on hold/pause or do you continue to work on them while away?

I’m going away for Memorial Day in two weeks and I already worked it into my training program, although, historically I’ve found it hard to stay on track.

4.  Do you have friends/family members that you work on a goal(s) with? Do you find working towards a goal with someone easier or more challenging?

I’m quite a lone wolf in this respect.  I can’t say I’ve ever worked toward a goal with someone, but I can definitely see that it might have benefits.  I am going to call on my mom’s help when I get around to making a dress since I’ve never even touched a sewing machine.

5. Fun Question: What is your favourite magazine to read?

I subscribe to Shape and Self and Oprah, but I caught up on Cosmo at the nail salon today and remembered just how much I love that!  It’s one I only read every now and then though because if I did read it every month I’d get sick of it!


3 thoughts on “SFC7

  1. In regards to 4: I’ve always wanted a workout partner. Similar to studying for the exams, some days it’s just dammed hard to self-motivate!

    So, where you off to for Memorial Day?

  2. These are great! I just made a list of my goals for this year (it was recently my birthday) and your goals have certainly inspired me!!!

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