In Mixed Company

Never believe someone named Dusty who you’ve known for all of 18 hours when he tells you that he’s got the perfect guy for you.  You know who will show up?  A short, skinny pothead with a fauxhawk. No thanks, Dusty.

In other news, couples are taking over the world.  My high school friends all got significant others when I moved back to Arizona (thinking we would all still hang out like the old days) and then fell off the face of the earth. 

So I got new friends.  Through Meetup, I found a group of women, many of whom have boyfriends or even are married, but still make an effort to make and spend time with girlfriends.  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. 

I don’t want to give up myself, my interests and my own friends when a cute guy winks at me (I can admit I have been guilty of that in the past), so I took these women as proof that, with some concerted effort, having friends AND a boyfriend is totally possible.

However, this weekend, the men were in tow and things changed.  Being the single one around a bunch of couples is just about as awesome as just not being included in the first place.  Except you’re not at home in your PJs watching Hulu, so really, it’s not as awesome at all.

Really though, I had a great weekend.  It felt indulgently long.  There was music, dancing and red wine.  Warm fuzzies from volunteering, warm sun and a cool pool (and a deliciously early bed time).  A long run, couch time + movies and forced family fun, which was pretty darn fun.

It’s just that mixed in there was watching PDA from an uncomfortably close vantage point, which is whatever, but also confusion and hurt feelings over the way a girlfriend acted.  It hurt more when she recognized it, apologized for it, but then did it again. I knew she had jealousy and trust issues, but I never thought they would be directed at me.  Yes, I’m awesome, but I’m a good friend and deserve that in return.

*Disclaimer:  There was no dancing with this friend’s boyfriend, I just thought this picture was funny.


3 thoughts on “In Mixed Company

  1. I think what you describe above is why I’ll always be reticent about excessive PDA (beyond just being a guy, and somewhat shy at that). I think I’ll always have that knowledge in the back of my mind of what it’s like to be the one witnessing it and being reminded of one’s own singlehood, so it’ll always make me less than eager to do it myself. After all, I don’t want to be someone else’s torturer, you know?

    Sorry about the fauxhawk. Does he count as one of your frogs?

  2. B and I can be guilty of PDA, but only if we’re in good mixed company. As in, a mix of couples and multiple singles. Both of us have been the only “single” person in a crowd.

    I also hate girls that start acting jealous of their girlfriends. Like, if you have that many problems with “girls” you need to realize that your problem is with you and your guy. At least to me. It wouldn’t matter if people were hanging all over B, because he’d just shove them off.

    Anyway, hugs to you, it’s never fun to be the only single person in a crowd. I get to go stag to a wedding soon and I’m dreading every second of it.

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