The Meet Market: Community Events

Phew.  That was close.  I know you were quite concerned that The Meet Market was coming to an abrupt halt.  The man who I thought I was pausing for didn’t quite work out, so as of April 8th, I was back on the prowl, probably with a little more gusto because I was burnt out on online dating and meeting a man organically is looking better by the day.

I picked April for community events because it’s prime time for them in Arizona.  The weather is (usually) beautiful and the weekends are packed with events.

I volunteered, I ate and drank, I ran and I watched recreational sports leagues.  All in large groups of strangers, many of them attractive men.

I was told I was smoking hot by drunk old men, but even that helps the swagga, right?  I flirted.  I learned that for flirting to turn into talking and connecting, you need to ask open-ended questions.  I got a phone number of a Jersey Shore wannabe.  I realized it’s hard to meet men when you’re with your mom. 

And finally, in accordance with my NEW new attitude about dating, I remembered how fun it is to get out and do things I enjoy with friends or family and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.

Meet Market 4, MJ 0.  C’est le vie.


3 thoughts on “The Meet Market: Community Events

  1. Well, you’re getting out there, which is a lot better than I can say being stuck in studying hell. Besides, I haven’t been reading your blog long, but from what I can tell, these guys should feel lucky just to have gone out with you. MM 0, MJ 4

  2. I’m going to agree with geekhiker up there. You aren’t losing by going out and having fun. You’re winning life. You’re living life.

    ((hugs)) regarding all your bachelors lately. I’ve been in a funk and reading but not commenting, so forgive me there. But I love the listing of the frogs.

    I admire you so much for throwing yourself out there again and again.

    • And again and again 🙂 Thanks, I know one day my prince will come and maybe he’ll sweep me off my feet and to a German castle!

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