My goals:

1.  Save $750. ($150/$750)
2.  Write two short stories. (0/2)
3.  Outline my novel.
4.  Take a class.
5.  Run 231 miles. (61.5/231)
6.  Bike 120 miles. (62/120)
7.  Learn to play a song on the guitar.
8.  Make a dress.
9.  Volunteer four times. (1/4)
10.  Get to 115. (121.8)

1.  What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?

Because of an injury at my race last week, I took it easy on running, getting in 21.5 miles.  Okay so I tried to take it easy, I only skipped one day, so that’s actually kind of low-average for me.  I biked 32 miles, which helped me cross the halfway mark to my goal!

I put $100 toward my wanderlust fund.  It’s only at like 4% of my goal, but it’s a start!

I spent a morning looking for an opportunity to volunteer at a golf tournament and literally that afternoon got an email looking for volunteers at a golf tournament put on by an organization I’d helped out before.  I also signed up for another opportunity, so I think all of my four are in place now.

2.  What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?

I cried over silly things, but that in itself didn’t make me feel good (obvs).  It was the fact that I let myself feel it and knew it would pass.  It did.

Fill in the blanks:

_Optimism_ comes naturally to me.

_Keeping a clean house_does not come naturally to me.

I wish _being outgoing_ came (at least a little more) naturally to me. 

Fun Question:  What is your favourite Easter candy? Are you allowing yourself some this year?

My favorite Easter candy is Reese’s eggs.  The second they came out in stores this season, the store I go to has been selling them 2/$1.  Very dangerous.  I bought (and ate) a lot.  I even put a note on my phone reminding myself I wasn’t eight years old and didn’t need checkout aisle candy every time I went to the store.  I’ve been looking for the fabled chocolate-covered Peeps though!  I think I might love them.  My mom always puts the good stuff in my basket – Reese’s, Twix, Crunch and Starburst jelly beans.  That was gone in just a few days!


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