Bachelor #1

I joke a lot.  I make repeated jokes a lot.  I get this from my dad; his current favorite joke is that, now that he’s retired, he doesn’t do anything all day and he doesn’t start that until noon.  Yep, my dad’s got jokes. 

But, I am not at all joking about the fact that I believe I have to date 12 men to find one worth my while.  And now the official tracking begins.

Allow me to introduce Bachelor #1.

We met on eHarmony.  Through talking, I found out I went to school with his younger sister.  I went to a small, religious school in a different state, so this is a little more unusual than if I had gone to, say ASU.  I actually lived down the hall from his sis and across the hall from her boyfriend during different years.

Poor Bachelor #1.  We had a date scheduled.  Then Non-Mush happened.  I debated cancelling since I was so excited about this other kid.  I asked people’s opinions until I heard what I wanted to hear and then I cancelled. 

Sort of.  I felt bad and the cancel ended up being a postpone.  To the next week.  Non-Mush was still happening, more so at that point.  I cancelled again, but was finally honest about why, telling him I was going to see where things went with this other guy.

They went nowhere good. 

I took a little time, but then, tail between my legs, asked him if he’d still be interested in meeting up.  We made the same plans I had cancelled twice, happy hour at a popular bar in a central location. 

It’s literally been a month since we talked.  I really don’t remember what we talked about, but I kind of had his base information in line.  Honestly, I don’t know how people keep this shit straight without flow charts.  He at least stood out from the pack because of his sis-college connection.  Either way, I was actually kind of excited about the date.

Two beers each.  Three and a half hours.  Good conversation.  Smiles.  Laughs.  Lots in common. 

We didn’t talk too much about his sis, which is an easy trap to fall into when you have a person in common, but inhibits you from getting to know the other person, and he didn’t awkwardly ask about Non-Mush.  Points.

So, why is he a frog?  Well, is he a frog?

I spent the whole time trying to make myself forget that his shirt was tucked into his shorts.  He and my dad would get along like gangbusters.  They could talk about doing nothing before noon.


4 thoughts on “Bachelor #1

  1. Oh yikes… I would have an issue with him being a server too… like are you planning on going anywhere with that? You want a guy that can provide for you…has ambition – a career even!

    Since you haven’t had much luck with eharmony have you considered trying something else like I’ve heard good things… different pool to swim in? new fish?

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