Pop Culture Roundup

New rule:  If you finish a book before the 5th of the month, it still counts as your book for the previous month.  That being said, I finished my fic and nonfic books for March.

What I read last (and this) month:

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
I LOVED The Time Traveler’s Wife and have wonderful memories of reading it by the pool during the summer of unemployment so I’ve been itching to read HFS for a while.  The characters were just as lovely, the story was engrossing, some of the prose made me pause and think and some made me laugh out loud.  I had smaller chunks of time to get into the book, but as the plot picked up toward the end of the book, I made time the past couple of days.  A must read!

The Rules According to JWOWW by JWOWW (duh)
I love any and all trending dating books and as a recent Jersey Shore convert, I was intrigued by this new offering.  She didn’t have too much new to say about dating and some stuff I just didn’t agree with.  I skimmed over the chapters on style – “stripper chic” is not really what I’m going for – and beauty – spending two and a half hours getting ready with fake hair and fake nails is not on my radar either.  But I appreciated the “be true to yourself” theme of the book and was entertained by some of her gems, such as “reheated pasta never tastes the same” aka leave the exes in the past.  This was a quick read and an easy way to “get it in” (my nonfic book for the month, that is).

I haven’t picked my books for April yet, but should probably get on that so they don’t end up trailing into May.  I was thinking maybe it’s time to finally read The Happiness Project or A New Earth, but not sure what my fic pick will be.  Any suggestions?

What I watched this weekend:

The Switch
I wasn’t expecting much from this movie because it seemed like one of those that was in and out of theaters without much buzz.  Sometimes I think low expectations are the key to good movies and I really liked this movie!  It was cute and real and funny and the little boy who played Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman’s kid kind of stole the show, he was adorable, truly a mini-Bateman.

I also have How Do You Know? and The Fighter (and a date to watch TF and cook for a certain young man on Thursday…JWOWW would be so proud) and I’m working my way through Friday Night Lights Season 2 and Weeds Season 6.  I love Blockbuster Online!


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