Enjoy the Ride

Yesterday, I felt like this:

Not just about this:


But about this too:

Honestly, I did a little of this at work:

That’s not actual crying, that’s just tearing up.  So, I self-medicated:

After work I had to go here:

(The chiropractor, not a masseuse.)  While there, I got this:

From a new girlfriend asking me to hang out this weekend.  Out of my comfort zone, but I said yes.  That helped a little, but I was still feeling sad, so I wanted to go home and do this:

Brie…yum!  And this:

That would be actual crying.  Instead, I did this:

And went on yet another one of these:

There was a little of this:

And A LOT of this:

And this:

Sometimes you just have to:



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