Life's Journey with a SmileMy 10 goals are:

  1. Lose 5 pounds in January and maintain (starting is 122.6).
  2. Sign up for a new dating site in February (assuming Mr. Amazing doesn’t waltz in before that).
  3. Climb the seven summits of Phoenix in seven days.
  4. Make a real meal at least once a week.
  5. Adopt a pet.
  6. Get a bike and decrease my gas usage.
  7. Write my guest post for The Chick Lit Bee.
  8. Roll over my 401(k)s.
  9. Do six things with friends (happy hours, game nights, etc.).
  10. Find and participate in a volunteer opportunity.

This week’s questions:

1.  What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?

Meal of the week:  burritos! 

My mileage is getting back up to where I want it to be and my work outs finally feel like part of my pattern again and on Sunday I went grocery shopping and loaded up on produce and other good things. 

 2.  There are two weeks left in this challenge – what goals are you making priority?

I’ve kind of given up on the weight loss goal.  I’m at a loss there.  My last two goals (bike and pet) are still looming over my head and I’m evaluating them this week and figure out if they are priorities to me still.

3.  Many people are on or heading into Spring Break right now, do you find it easier or harder to stay on track when your routine disappears?

That definitely depends on where I am with my workouts.  When I’m just working out to work out and my schedule gets crazy, it’s difficult to keep up, but when I have a specific training plan and a purpose in mind, it’s a lot easier to get my sessions in.

4.  Tell us something positive about this challenge. Could be something that happened to you, you did, you realized…etc.

I realized in this challenge that if  want to do something, I just have to do it.  It’s something I’ve been learning for a while, but really saw during the challenge.  I wanted to climb the seven summits, but if I didn’t make it a goal and go out and do it, it wasn’t just going to happen on its own!  Same thing with my 401(k).  Wanting to do it and constantly putting it on my to-do lists didn’t make it happen.  Mapping out and taking the steps did.  I really learned the power of “don’t talk about it, be about it.”

5.  Fun Question of the Week: The clocks sprung forward this weekend, does the time change mess you up or do you just go on like nothing happened?

Haha, another question that allows me to wave the freak flag!  Arizona does not believe in/participate in daylight savings time. 

I just tried to read an article about why and it seems there are many reasons, but since I grew up here, I’m just used to it.  Our spring and summer nights still seem long.  The sun comes up pretty early during the longest days so it means I have to get up really early to beat it and get in an outside work out, but it goes down earlier (than it would if we switched), which gives us a little reprieve from the sunlight (still HOT though).  Plus, I happily enjoyed a full 48-hour weekend!

Positive Picture:

As I learned…


Spring Fever Challenge!

I’ve really enjoyed WWW, so when Amy announced she was hosting another goal-getter challenge for the Spring, of course I was on board!  The structure is a little different this time around – love the “do something every week that makes you feel good about yourself” rule – so check it out here and sign up to play!  It starts right after the WWW ends – April 4!

6 thoughts on “WWW11

  1. Unless you’re under 5’1″, I think 122 pounds is a great wait to be at. Also, be careful what pet you choose. Some pets, while wonderful, can permanently tie you to staying home. While some people use this as a convenient excuse to not go out much, other’s curse their pet since it prohibits them from taking trips or spending the night away from home.

    Congrats on rocking the rest of your goals so efficiently, though. Your second round of goal getter stuff sounds doubly exciting to me.

    • Thanks! My small weight loss goal still keeps me at a healthy weight, I’m just trying to get my body fat percentage down, I think it will help my running. The commitment that comes with a pet is kinda what’s holding me back for now! It’s a lot to take on!

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