The Meet Market: The Gym

In my quest to prove you CAN find a nice guy to date organically, I set out to meet a man at the gym this month.

I’ve had a crush on/flirted with/been asked out by/dated five gym staff members in my gym-going career. But since those men are paid to make me feel good about myself and flirt a bit to get the sale, I tried to focus this month on meeting other members.  Male members.  Wait, ew.  Well, I mean, maybe eventually, but, well, let’s just move on.

See, here’s the probelm…I was a member of a gym for approximately 18 days this month (my lawsuit-membership ran out early on and I did a five-day trial at another gym…yes, mostly for the purpose of extending the opportunity to meet a guy) and I went to a gym maybe six of those days.  Oops. 

I didn’t meet any men, I mostly just drooled over their muscles. 

Mistakes I made:

1.  Not going during peak times.  I am an early morning / early afternoon during the week type and early morning on the weekend type.  Hunky men are sleeping or working at those times.  I ended up working out with old people and housewives.

2.  Being the girl who doesn’t care what she looks like at the gym.  Like at all.  There’s a fine line and I realized one day while watching my form on some strength exercises that I was on the wrong side.

3.  Listening to my iPod.  I don’t like not having music!  I don’t want to listen to the gorilla juice heads grunting or the old men singing to THEIR music.

4.  Being unapproachable.  This is a compilation of the above AND the story of my life.

Mistakes I didn’t make:

1.  Thinking I can meet a suitable guy at the gym.  There are a lot of attractive men there and fitness is important to me, so if he’s there, I already know we have that in common.

2.  Forcing myself back to the big box gyms (instead of relying on my little gym at my apartment complex) because I remembered how much I love it and it helped me switch up my routine. 

So, yeah, no success this month, but I might join another gym and keep this as an option!  If nothing else, I’ll be cut!

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