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I know the ratio of men to women is close, but that there are more women in the U.S.  While we’re on population statistics, I don’t know for sure, but I know there’s not “NO WAY” that there are more black people than white people in the world (translation…I believe the populations of white and black people in the world are close and that the black population might actually be slightly higher, probably depending on what counts as white and when).

I think I know that there are fewer women in the workforce, but the percentage of unemployed women is lower than the percentage of unemployed men, and that, particularly in a down ecomony, men are more likely to be laid off (thank YOU very much, $0.77 to the dollar).  And now I know it, because I found stats to back me up.

I think it’s cheaper to eat whole foods (if you don’t buy them AT Whole Foods) than processed foods. Healthier, and therefore cheaper in the long run, too!  I know arguments can, and have, been made on both sides though.  For me, I’m always impressed when I can walk out of the grocery store loaded up with a week’s worth of produce for around $10.  I also don’t eat meat at home, so if that skews my experience, fair enough.

I believe using the word gay as a synonym for anything other than homosexual or happy makes you lame, which ironically, is usually the sentiment you are trying to convey in the first place. 

I think that feeling sore after a good workout is not a bad thing.  Even if I worked out every day of my life and was super in-shape, I’d still want to feel it to know I’m consistently waking up my muscles in new ways. 

I know last night I went to a bar with a guy I kinda was starting to like and disagreed about every one of these things and probably others that I’m forgetting.  I DON’T KNOW why it made me so upset and I DON’T KNOW what it means for me and Old Blue Eyes (when I started getting really frustrated, I looked into his gorge eyes and tried to ignore it).

I know I hate getting into these types of discussions.  Especially at a bar.  Especially when I’m drinking.  But I know I’m super stubborn, although I didn’t feel that we were struggling because I was stubborn, I felt we were struggling because I was right.  Obvs.  HUGE difference. 

The biggest point of dissention was the men and women in the workforce bit and he came off as having views that just don’t sit with me as the bra-burner I am at heart. 

I know there was NO WAY he was spending the night at my house on our fifth date, fight or no fight, as he seemed to have assumed, which pissed me off too.  Even if he said he only had the couch in mind.

Yes, I believe five dates is too soon for that and that other that (although I haven’t always felt that way) AND too soon for generic pet names.  The “babes” could be ignored via text, but when he started telling me, “I wouldn’t lie to you, babe,” (yes, I know you’re not lying, which sadly means you actually believe all this shit you’re spewing) and “drive safe, babe,” (yes, even after the disagreement fest) things just got awkward.

Dear Voices of Reason (aka, the three people who read this blog),
Was I wrong about any of these things?  I can take it, I promise.  Is this type of date night get-overable?  Can I draft a letter that essentially says, “I was wrong, MJ was right” and make him sign it so we can move on?

These kind of stumbles can end up being funny little anecdotes you tell as a couple down the road.  OR they may just as easily be the moments you look back on while you’re eating your feelings and think “I SAW it coming, what the HELL was I thinking?” 

How do you know which it will be?


5 thoughts on “I ThinkBelieveKnow

  1. You are never wrong to have your own opinions and beliefs. Especially when you can back them up with researched facts. You certainly don’t have to back down from them just because a date disagrees with you too. Deflecting the topic doesn’t always work either – especially if either party feels strongly about the subject.

    That said, it can be get-overable. While compatability on things is nice, it isn’t necessary. The decision on whether it’s something you can overlook has to be based on how important the subject is to you. Can you handle him having a different opinion on women in the workforce and using gay as a derrogatory term? There’s nothing wrong either way if you think you can or can’t.

    For me the biggest issue would have been him not “allowing” for you to be right. I went on one date with a dude who had such conservative opinions on women (supposedly Biblical) and when I started challenging them (Biblically, because I’m mean like that) he kept saying that he didn’t have his Bible and couldn’t argue it with me. But he also wouldn’t let the subject go. I couldn’t believe that he asked me out again.

    B and I don’t agree on absolutely everything, though it is pretty close. The few things we disagree on are things that we’re relaxed enough about to not let it bug us.

    While I wouldn’t totally discount OBE for this evening, I would file it away as a red-tinged flag and remember it if similar issues pop up in the future.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this in my blog. Rambo is a big Republican and I am a big Democrat. We have very interesting discussions and I know he has way different viewpoints than I do on certain things, but he has never once argued with me on things I believe are right. He has never batted an eye on things I say or do to support how I feel or my opinions, except probably sit in awe of how awesome I am ( okay okay, in my dreams thats what he does when I get fiery but it’s probably a ” is she done yet?” smile) but what I’m trying to say is it’s okay to have different opinions. It’s not okay to have someone who wants to fight tooth and nail with you because you have them which makes you feel like you have to justify them. It’s okay to have opinions, it’s not okay to have someone make you defend them all the time. I hope I am making sense.

    • That’s an interesting view point. I agree it’s definitely all about how the discussions are presented and having respect for the person regardless of your disagreements.

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