On Valentine’s Days Past

Holidays were a big deal in my family when I was growing up.  For Valentine’s Day, there were cards and themed breakfasts and surprises throughout.  I remember those mornings with my mom and sister, but I don’t remember when exactly they happened. 

The first Valentine’s Day that I can pin to a year was in 1992.  I was 7.  I was in the second grade (my first year in a new school).  My dad came to our school and delivered white chocolate roses on a stick to my sister and me.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  It was chocolate but it was white, which was crazy! 

Naturally, I showed it off because it made me very special and all the other girls very unspecial. And then, of course, I ate it.  Even at 7, I knew chocolate wasn’t invented to look at.  My daddy was my first Valentine. 

My last Valentine was my boyfriend last year.  We had plans to celebrate on the 15th because he worked on Valentine’s Day.  The 15th was a Monday last year and Mondays were our date nights anyway.  We went out for drinks and then to the restaurant where we had our first date. 

The restaurant we often went to on these Monday night dates.  The restaurant where, during one of our Monday night dates, after one of our many fights, he first told me he loved me. 

Even though we had had drinks beforehand, he ordered a bottle of red for dinner AND a bottle of (pretty dang nice) Champagne to start (my tolerance when I was with him was ridiculously high).  I was pretty sure we didn’t need that much but he insisted.  And then I started freaking out that he was going to propose.

Valentine’s Day, Champagne, romantic and meaningful restaurant? Oh shit.

Somehow I escaped without a proposal AND without getting fall-down drunk.  I got a gushy card instead.  It was a really great night, but that week was actually the beginning of the end for us, so a marriage proposal would have been a terrible idea. 

I have a long-distance Valentine this year and she sent me a wonderful box full of cookies and chocolate and pretty pink and red things.  The application process is officially closed.  I’m pretty much set.


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