Half of a Whole

February is an interesting month.  Valentine’s Day is next week.  I’m not totally lamenting this.  I’m actually planning a fun night – not a date night and not an anti-Valentine’s night – just a fun night with myself! 

For me, the beginning of February also brings the birthdays of THREE of my exes.  Being the emotionally healthy, peaceful and totally not bitter ex that I am, I lovingly wished them all happy birthdays.

Today is the last one, so I’m sure they are all falling off the planet as I type. 

This February also happens to fall during a slump.  In the past few months, I’ve mostly just had a string of unimpressive dates.  First dates just start to suck after a while.

The wonderful times I used to spend with men I actually liked have been swimming through my head lately.  I thought that I was missing my exes, but I’m missing being in a relationship.  Instead of contacting those exes who I don’t really miss at all, I made a list of the things I miss doing with them and added willingness to participate in these activities with me to THE LIST.

Dates like the perfect Saturday night I described in this week’s WWW – a slow progressive dinner…drinks at a bar, shared appetizers at a restaurant, a bottle of wine at a lounge and a stop for a sweet treat to enjoy in bed.  I miss having a man who spoils me and has an appreciation for the finer things.

Dates that last for hours but seem to fly by because of who I’m with.  My meet-and-greets have been quite the opposite.

Falling asleep and waking up with someone I’m comfortable enough to sleep with and who understands my old lady bed times.

Waking up and going to the gym with someone every morning at 5:30, even if he bitches the whole time.

Of course I miss sex!  But good sex, with meaning behind it, with someone whose touch is just right, is worth the wait.  Sex.

Genuinely laughing, not the fake laughs I give out on bad first dates.

Having a couple’s TV show and weekly date to watch it.

Being totally guards down with somebody and still feeling safe.

Planning and going on vacations together.

Scheduling weekends and divvying up time with my friends and his friends, my family and his family.

Popcorn and wine dinner nights (yes, this sounds like a single girl thing, but it’s kinda awesome with a guy).


Thinking of random, fun things I want to do – day trips, community events, new restaurants – and having someone I can force to do them with me!

Sharing food.  I like compromising on a few menu items and sharing them. 

Cheersing!  I really like this.  It’s like saying there’s a reason to celebrate every day.  I judge my dates if they don’t cheers me.  This might be why the majority of them don’t get to date #2.  And why I’m still single.

If you’re in a relationship, treasure the little things.  And make sure you’re with someone you want to treasure the little things with!  The wrong men brought these relationship ideals and traditions into my life and when I find the right man to enjoy them with, I will treasure them even more!


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