Buzz on Over…

…to The Chick Lit Bee to see what I’m talking about on my guest post.  (Hint:  It’s men.  Yeah, have we met?  It’s ALWAYS men.)


One thought on “Buzz on Over…

  1. I read that earlier today – I liked it quite a bit. So funny what we could “learn” from literature or movies. Have you seen the videos on youtube on Lessons Learned from a Disney Princess? They’re hilarious.

    I responded over there, but it doesn’t seem inclined to actually show up, so this is where I confess that I used to love meeting guys in random places.

    I met B at a dancehall/bar (as you well know). The guy I dated before that was a waiter at a restaurant I went to – but not even my waiter. The guy before that I met at a Whataburger in Houston in a snowstorm.

    Meeting people in random places is fun. Good luck with it!

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