Winter Wonderland Warrior

I am a warrior.

Life's Journey with a Smile

Amy at Life’s Journey with a Smile has created a great winter blog challenge to avoid the winter blues and kick off the new year in the right direction.  This challenge is kinda funny to me in that it runs through March 28th and that’s pretty much summer in good, old Arizona. I may have to revise it to “Wilting in the Warmth” Warrior!

Check out the how it’s going to work here and join in!

I am crazy about goals and enjoyed the ritual of participating in Reverb 10, although the repetitive. daily questions kind of wore me out at the end, so once a week might be just right!

This week, the warriors are answering:

  1. What are your ten goals for the WWW challenge?
  2. Why did you choose them?
  3. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
  4. What does this challenge mean to you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Well, we all know I made a hefty list of resolutions for this year.  To me, this challenge is a way to not settle into a cozy end to winter.  As we’re all standing around scratching our heads saying, “Um, 2010?  Where did you go?” we KNOW how quickly 12 months flies by, so I’m using this challenge as motivation to get some of those resolutions crossed off.  They’re also some of the things I’ve had on my to-do list FOREVER and I’m hoping that now being accountable to a group will help me get them done.  Mine are:

  1. Lose 5 pounds in January and maintain (starting is 122.6).
  2. Sign up for a new dating site in February (assuming Mr. Amazing doesn’t waltz in before that).
  3. Climb the seven summits of Phoenix in seven days.
  4. Make a real meal at least once a week.
  5. Adopt a pet.
  6. Get a bike and decrease my gas usage.
  7. Write my guest post for The Chick Lit Bee.
  8. Roll over my 401(k)s.
  9. Do six things with friends (happy hours, game nights, etc.).
  10. Find and participate in a volunteer opportunity.

And what did I do when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve?  I toasted with wonderful old and new friends and then, since we were a group of late twentysomethings, naturally we sang Lean on Me as a group to Glee Karaoke on Wii.

Oh!  And the weekly post includes a positive picture and this week I made a collage of my goals for the challenge.



11 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Warrior

    • Thanks! The reason this get a pet thing has been on my to-do list forever is because I really want a dog, but I don’t think my lifestyle is fair to a dog, so it’s an ongoing debate and I think I’m slowly talking myself into a cat.

  1. Great goals….the dating site..I so need to try it but I am TERRIFIED!
    oh and adopting a pet ….please keep us posted on how that goes.

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