So, What Are You Doing on This Christmas Eve Eve?

I’m working.  7.88 hours left after the first three days of the week + my holiday on Friday.  I wouldn’t be mad if boss man said we were closing the office early and he would just tack on the extra hours to my time card.

I’m going on date #4 with Mr. “Nickname is in the Works”.  Date #3 sucked and he will not be getting a nickname, but shh, don’t tell him that, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  So how does this fit in with the whole, if he’s not the one, move on and don’t waste more than one date on a bad prospect?  Uh, obviously it’s not 2011 yet.  

We get along, but for me, it’s not in a romantic way, he has way too many little red flags.  We both admitted date #3 sucked, but he’s so enchanted with date #2 that he’s convinced he can recreate it.  He’s going after date #4 like he’s got something to prove and I will let him try, but I’m assuming it will mostly just be a lot of awkwardness and end with me telling him, again, that maybe we can be friends.

But, no worries, fun will be had because I’m stacking my night.  No, not with another date, but with a friends Christmas tradition!  Post-college, my high school friends and I started to get together once everyone comes home for the holidays.  My favorite part is that it’s about the people and everyone is always down for whatever and always has a great time.  I threw this year’s together and we are heading to a total dive! 

Then I’m heading home and climbing in my glorious bed and turning off my alarm clock.  I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow and I’m used to waking up super early so it won’t really matter, but isn’t it funny how NOT waking up to an alarm clock, no matter what time you actually wake up, still feels like sleeping in?

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